Socialist Alternative Offers Critical Support to “the Poor”

Socialist_Alternative_(US)_LogoNEW YORK CITY – In a statement released today, Socialist Alternative, the US section of Committee for a Worker’s International, announced their “critical support” for “the poor”.

“Socialist Alternative welcomes the news that the poor do in fact exist, and recognizes their potential for contributing to a mass movement for worker’s power.” the Trotskyist party announced.

Referring to tens of millions of Americans, the statement continued, “It may be possible to incorporate some of the poor’s demands and grievances into our campaign. However, the poor’s unfortunate tendencies towards ultra-left or adventurist methods on the one hand, and reformist methods on the other, are causing problems for us in working with them.”

The final paragraph of the statement comprised only the words “Kshama Sawant.”

The poor have yet to issue a response.


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