University Student: “Nobody Understands Communism But Me”

tibet_flag02MBERKELEY, CALIFORNIA – Jonah Shapiro, an English major at the University of California, Berkeley, may look like most of his classmates, but appearances can be deceiving. He is a self-declared “communist” and “revolutionary”, and he is challenging his liberal classmates to rethink their mistaken ideas about the proletarian ideology.

“When people think of communism, they usually associate it with brutal dictators like Joseph Stalin, or Mao Zedong.” said the 19-year-old in his first (but surely not last) public interview on the subject of his radical views. “What people don’t understand is, the Soviet Union and China were actually fascist states, and not communist ones at all.”

“Mao committed genocide, just like Hitler. Would Marx have done that? No way, dude. The Soviet Union could’ve been great, if it weren’t for Stalin. Trotsky should’ve been in charge. That would’ve been communism.”

Asked whether he felt there had ever been any successful examples of socialist societies in practice, Shapiro promptly responded “Cuba, or the Israeli kibbutzim.”

“But not socialist, I told you, I’m a communist.”

However, Shapiro revealed that he is not a member of any party or organisation at present. “Yeah, I talked to some of those guys, selling newspapers or whatever. And I was like, ‘Shouldn’t you be starting the revolution? Like Che Guevara?'”

“Besides, I don’t know if we even need a party. Communism is for the people, so the people will make the revolution. Just like in Egypt!”

On what he felt the prospects were for revolution in the United States in the current climate, Shapiro had this to say: “Well, let’s not expect the establishment of a dictatorship of the proletariat anytime soon. But in recent years we’ve seen Occupy Wall Street, the popularity of the reformist Bernie Sanders; these things are themselves signs of an increasingly widespread opposition to capitalism, even if not articulated as such. By the same token, there’s a strong and justified anger among young Black Americans consciously and openly directed at the police, who are essentially the guarantors of bourgeois law and order.”

“You could say that there is great chaos under heaven, and the situation is excellent,” concluded Shapiro.


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