Habermas Vows to Continue Struggle Against Postmodernists

habermasTHE HAGUE – Exiled leader of the banned Frankfurt School (Popular Front) Jürgen Habermas exhorted academic Marxists not to be “cowed” by a recent ambush carried out by postmodernists at l’École des hautes études en sciences sociales campus in Toulouse, in which four Marxist economists reportedly affiliated with the FS(PF) were badly criticised as “deterministic”.

“The cowardly methods employed by the postmodernists only reveal their objective weakness! All reactionaries are paper tigers! Intensify the academic struggle!” bellowed Habermas in the video, released today via his group’s YouTube channel, “FrankfurtFist”.

The 86-year-old leader, whose recent publications cover such diverse topics as religion, the European union, and the applicability of people’s war in the Philippine context, vowed that “revenge would be taken”, and that academic Marxists would “encircle urban studies with sociological studies of rural communities”.

At this point in the video, Habermas raised his right fist and shook it about in a threatening fashion.

Habermas has received messages of condolence and solidarity from Terry Eagleton, Alan Sokal, Grover Furr, and Abimael Guzmán.


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