White Socialist Explains How Black Rage Holding Back Revolution

the_tamBOSTON – Noah Isaacs, a white socialist, was observed debating a black acquaintance, Julian Howard, at the Tam bar in Boston, Massachusetts last night on the subject of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Howard, who has been involved in the Black Lives Matter movement since last year, was informed that any movement which doesn’t pit the entire “class-conscious proletariat” against the “bourgeoisie” is “doomed to failure”.

“He said I was being ‘divisive'”, commented a mildly perplexed Howard. “He said that if we want ‘revolution’, we ‘need everyone’. I’m not actually sure how I’m excluding anyone.”

Isaacs reportedly stated that protests, rioting, and provocative language directed against the police are “distracting” Black workers’ from their “revolutionary” potential.

“I asked him if he’d ever been to a protest where Black Lives Matter were present, and he said that he had, and was put off by their use of anti-police slogans, including vulgar slogans such as ‘fuck the police’.”

Ellen Wilczynski, the bartender on duty that night, corroborated Howard’s account.

“I overheard him saying something about how ‘cops are workers too, and we need them in the revolution’.”

Opined Wilczynski: “I don’t know what ‘revolution’ he’s a part of, but if Black Lives Matter derailed it, I don’t think it was going very well.”


3 thoughts on “White Socialist Explains How Black Rage Holding Back Revolution

  1. Funny but also sad and true. I suspect that readers who have enjoyed this playful article will surely also enjoy my satirical geopolitical thriller, “Raving Radicals Bathed in Blax”, the freely distributed 21st century proletarian novel.

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