League for the Sixth International Announced

sixthinternationalLONDON – Expelled members of the Fifth Internationalist group “Worker’s Power” who had formerly been grouped in the now-dissolved “Permanent Revolution” tendency regrouped this week to announce their intention to form a “Sixth International”.

The Fifth Internationalist tendency came about in response to the perceived sectarianism of Trotskyist groupings on the one hand, and their perceived excessive tolerance of non-Trotskyists on the other.

“The previous decision to dissolve ‘Permanent Revolution’ left those of us expelled from the League for the Fifth International without any international organisation we might use to coordinate our efforts. Also, it did somewhat prove the LFI correct in their assessment of us as ‘liquidationists’.”

“With this in mind, we are announcing the League for the Sixth International, a international grouping for revolutionary socialists around the world to hold high the crimson-red banner of Marx, Engels, and Trotsky.”

“Er, and Lenin, but we don’t want to sound too Stalinist.”

Peter Taaffe, of the CWI affiliate “Socialist Party of England and Wales”, responded by calling the announcement “ludicrous” and claiming “Trotskyism, as represented by the Fourth International, is already a healthy international revolutionary tendency whose successes are so self-evident that they speak for themselves. We have no need for more internationals; the one we have is enough”

Stefan Engel, chairman of the MLPD, coordinator of the ICMLPO (International Newsletter), ICOR, the International Communist Awards (“the Commies”), and chief shareholder (representing all the peasants of Bavaria) in Stefan Engels Traditionelle Bayerische Brauerei GmbH & Co. KG, also responded to the controversial announcement:

“We don’t even have a Fourth International yet, and somehow they’ve skipped ahead to five and six?”

A dozen dissenters are expected to split again sometime next week, although analysts are divided as to whether they will form a rival Sixth Internationalist organisation or a “League for the Seventh International.”


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