Spartacist League Celebrates September 11th

While many communist organisations in the United States take September 11th as an opportunity to remind everyone about the CIA-backed coup against Salvador Allende in 1973 in a fruitless effort to make Americans care about history, communism, or foreigners, the US Spartacist League is taking the opportunity to commemorate “the fallen martyrs” who “gave their lives” to carry out an attack “on finance capital and US imperialism”.

“Just as the great Trotskyist Che Guevara called for us to ‘create two, three, many Vietnams’, we call for ‘two, three, many 9/11s”, read a written statement from the party in Workers Vanguard.

“Any time anything happens that looks scary to the bourgeoisie, it’s a good thing.” the statement continued. “For example, if there’s a hurricane, that’s good, because rich people don’t want to die in hurricanes. Long live Marxism-Trotskyism-Robertsonism!”

The declaration has met with fierce hostility from nearly every other leftist organisation in the United States, or as the Spartacist League refer to them, “fake communists”. One rare instance of agreement was the Third Worldist organisation the LLCO, whose public declaration read in part: “On September 11th, we remember with pride this great blow by the revolutionary forces of the Third World against the mighty fortress of the degenerate First World”. However, the LLCO’s lack of any real-world presence precluded anyone who doesn’t spend all day on the internet being offended by their rhetoric, despite their best efforts.

Within the ICL(FI), other sections mostly responded by attempting to one-up the US Spartacist League. The French section Ligue trotskyste de France held a press conference praising Pol Pot as an exemplar of their political line. When rival Trotskyist groups pointed out that “surely Pol Pot was some manner of Maoist, if anything,” a Ligue spokesman smiled and responded: “Right, because Che and Gramsci were Trotskyists.”

The Spartacist League of Australia released a statement demanding a “Stalinist” party seize power in Australia and persecute them personally, giving them an opportunity to prove their lack of bourgeois individualism by defending their own imprisonment and possible execution.

The Trotskyist League of Canada/Ligue trotskyste du Canada has not released any statement, but members were seen firebombing a synagogue while screaming “HEIL HITLER!” and “STALIN IST JÜDISCHER DRECK!”

The UK Spartacist League, on the other hand, while refraining from condemning the actions and statements of most other ICL(FI) members, did distance itself from the US Spartacist League’s statement with regard to September 11th, condemning it as “deviationist.”

“Look, we need to reiterate that this was never our position. We don’t support murderous Islamists in adventurist attacks against imperialist powers; we support murderous Islamists building up long-term sustainable organisations which attack innocent poor people in far-away lands. That’s what we call ‘anti-imperialism’.”


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