Young Trotskyist Beginning to Doubt the Divinity of Trotsky


SHEFFIELD – “Samuel Chambers”*, a young man brought up in “an open Trotskyist family” with many non-Trotskyist friends, has privately begun to doubt the divinity of Leon Trotsky and the legitimacy of his teachings.

“I’ve been taught all about the miracles of Trotsky, and how he was crucified on an enormous ice axe, but I look at the world and I wonder if permanent revolution is really the omnipotent force I’ve been taught. I mean, the anarchists have their Barcelona, the Stalinists have loads of revolutions, and what have we got?”

“I guess just Morsi, that’s all I ever hear about. But can it be that Morsi is not the Bolshevik-Leninist I’ve been led to believe he is?”

“I just wonder sometimes is all… Is any of it true? Is it all just stories?”

Asked why he hadn’t shared his private doubts with his parents, he explained his reticence thus:

“My parents always say they’ll love us no matter what, no matter what choices we make, and all but… My older sister told them she was lesbian last year, and, I can see they weren’t ready for it. And they’ve always said they support lesbian and gay rights. Whereas my secret…”, he trailed off, looking out the window of the café where he agreed to meet with us.

“I guess the doubts started when I read on the internet that Che and Gramsci both hated Trotsky, after years of seeing pictures of Trotsky next to pictures of Che at events, and being told to read Gramsci by a friend of my father’s. The searching began there, I suppose. I’m not interested in Mao or Enver Hoxha exactly but… I’m open.”

“I’m open to anything, but people around me aren’t. I heard a story about one girl last year who was caught by her parents looking at a photo of young Stalin in her bedroom. They sent her to a camp to ‘cure’ her. I don’t want that to happen to me.”

“But what is it all about? I mean, we stand on our street corners, and we sell our papers, and the papers talk about revolution, but it isn’t happening. They’ve promised time and again it will happen, but it never happens. And then I look at the world and I see people, in Kurdistan, in the Philippines, in Bolivia, wherever, actually threatening global capitalism and bringing about revolutionary changes to society, and none of them are Trotskyists. What’s more important, Trotsky, or the revolution Trotsky promised?”

*A pseudonym assigned to protect the young man from fanatical Trotskyists who might want to exact the customary death penalty for apostasy.


4 thoughts on “Young Trotskyist Beginning to Doubt the Divinity of Trotsky

  1. Earl Gilman

    Historical validation does not make place because we think it should take place when we want it. Trotsky made mistakes…so did Marx and Lenin. The real subject is the continuity of revolutionary marxist thought, which Trotsky represents a step forward.


  2. Trotskyists for Jill Stein Facebook Group Splits Over Rojava Denunciations

    FACEBOOK — The largest Facebook group of Trotskyists (there are several) created in support of the middle-class anti-capitalist Green

    Party’s presidential candidate Jill Stein split after a flame war exploded when differences of opinion emerged over what to condemn the

    Democratic Federal System for Rojava (Northern Syria) for in the wake of a successful offensive expelling Islamic State from the city of Manbij.

    “Just this one time, the Spartacist League is right — Rojava is an imperialist colony!” typed Ted Jones. “Imperialism is the key question here.”

    “Shut up you tankie!” came the reply from Mike Lewis. “The problem in Rojava is that the Syrian-Kurdish Democratic Union Party believes in the Stalinist stages theory of revolution that says full communism is only possible given certain material, cultural, and political prerequisites whereas the correct Marxist Bolshevik-Leninist theory of permanent revolution developed by Trotsky shows how a classless society can be created immediately in all countries simultaneously provided that mass parties of Trotskyists exist in 192+ countries all over the world that all adhered to the same Fourth International!”

    “Hey guys, why is a pro-Jill Stein Facebook group of Trotskyists of various tendencies trying to formulate a party line on something that isn’t really related to Jill Stein?” asked Melinda Wood.

    “Don’t you know that not only does every question have class implications but that the world workers’ vanguard that we Trotskyists are leading absolutely must take up every question facing every section of the international even if we have no members in a given geographic area?” was Jones’ snarky reply. “I really hate it when people who haven’t memorized Trotsky’s Collected Works ask stupid questions.”

    Soon many handfuls quit the group, pushing its membership from the low dozens to less than 20. Wood was the first and only group member removed by the admin.


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