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Tired of the same old boring Trotskyist rhetoric? Do you crave hip new analysis of the combined and uneven development of capitalism? Want to build a worker’s state out of the imperialist country you inhabit, but don’t know how to bridge the gap between your party and the workers of the Angry Birds generation? Then Joe’s Permanent Revolution Blog is for you!

Joe’s Permanent Revolution Blog takes a daring look at developments from around the world, throughout history and today, through a Trotskyist lens!

Other Trotskyist blogs are too bogged down in discussion of the October Revolution and how Stalin ruined everything (which he did, of course). Joe’s Permanent Revolution Blog takes a refreshing new approach, wherein every revolution* or insurrection or uprising or kerfuffle in history is embraced as a continuation of the revolutionary spirit of Leon Trotsky. The Zapatistas? They’re in the mix! Cuba? Yes! Burkina Faso? You bet! The Argentinian ERP? Of course! Vietnam? Why not? In for a penny, in for a pound!

Once a week, reference to Frida Kahlo will be made, because who cares about Frida Kahlo’s own political subjectivity when her image can be co-opted to get college feminists on board with Leon Trotsky?

*Anyone who references China or Albania in the comments section will be banned from Joe’s Permanent Revolution Blog.


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