Edgy Anarchist Shocked at Racism of Friends


QUEENS, NEW YORK – Local anarchist John Phillips was shocked by the “racist” and “imperialist” reaction of his Facebook friends to his addition of an ISIS flag to his Facebook profile picture in a bid to show solidarity with the victims of the bombing of Raqqah.

“I mean, I’m against all states anyway, but clearly other anarchists and communists have agreed that they support the symbols of the French state as the only possible means of showing that you’re sad about dead people in Paris. And I personally am just as sad about the dead in Raqqah. Fuck that, man, I’m sadder. Frankly, if you don’t have an ISIS flag on your profile, I think you only care about white lives.”

Among the “racists” who have responded negatively to his display is an Algerian Facebook friend of his studying in Paris, Imène Hannachi.

“Obviously I agree with John that if I were to die in an attack by ISIS here in Paris it would be a great blow against racism and imperialism and capitalism, because anything that shocks French public opinion must be those things, but we don’t have to display the ISIS flag because of that.”

Phillips responded “Sorry to hear that you don’t care about non-European life, racist.”

Worker’s Spatula correspondents in New York reached Phillips to ask him questions about his controversial stance, particularly why, with all the death in Syria, he felt the need to show solidarity with the people of Raqqah in particular:

“Well why would I care about those other Syrians? I mean, yes, they’re non-Europeans in theory, but the Syrian regime is allied with Russia, and they’re white. POC power, man.” said the middle class white man who had never been outside of the United States.

“And the PYD? Fuckin’ Kurds man. We anarchists tried our hardest to show our solidarity with them, but then they had to ban polygamy. Why? Just so you can enforce SOCIETY’S idea of what a relationship should look like. Love knows no bounds. ISIS understands this, and they don’t impose ideas like monogamy on the people of Raqqah.

But the fucking racist, sexist, capitalist French would love it if the Kurds invaded Raqqah and imposed Eurocentric monogamy on them. It makes me sick.”


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