Louis Proyect Rebuts Tariq Ali’s Fanciful Claims


NEW YORK – Responding to Tariq Ali’s reference to former French minister for Foreign Affairs Roland Dumas’s claims that the UK had been actively conspiring to overthrow Assad prior to the outbreak of the civil war, self-proclaimed “elderly Marxist with deep aversion to dictatorships, particularly the dictatorship of the proletariat” Louis Proyect laid down the law against tankie conspiracy-mongers like Ali:

“It really disappoints me that Tariq Ali is getting his information from Global Research. He should get his information from unilingual Anglophone New Yorkers like myself. Or the New York Times, who are known throughout the Arab world for their sympathetic and accurate editorial line on all Arab affairs.”

“If he would bother to do his research, Tariq Ali would know that the British government was once very friendly with Assad, just as Patrick Higgins pointed out in his Jacobin piece, which I loved.”

“You will recall that people like Tariq Ali also ignored the close relationship between Saddam Hussein and the US government back in 2003, and filled the internet with unfounded claims about some kind of US invasion of Iraq, which obviously never happened. Fortunately, the Iraqi people’s democratic will shone through the Russia Today-sponsored lies, the dictator was overthrown, and today the only threat to Iraq’s stability is the powerful Trotskyist movement there which is going to build a worker’s state any day now.”

Commenting on Tariq Ali’s view that, caught between the Assad regime and jihadists, whatever small number of moderate rebels there would effectively be forced into joining up with jihadist forces, Louis Proyect issued this masterful rebuttal: “This is not a new claim by Tariq Ali. He said the same thing on Russia Today in 2012. And we can all agree that since 2012, sectarian Islamist forces have not gained strength in Syria.”

The video concludes with Tariq Ali making some claims about funding for jihadist groups in Syria coming from Turkey or GCC states. Clearly this is the end of Tariq Ali’s career, as no leftist can expect to recover from something so embarrassing as accusing regimes with a history of killing Shi’ites and Alawites of sponsoring jihadist groups to kill more Shi’ites and Alawites.