Humourless Marxist Reviews: Star Wars: The Force Awakens


In collaboration with the comrades at Jacobin, who recently published a piece shattering the widespread misconception that the Star Wars trilogy is a progressive work elucidating the tenets of the Maoist concept of “People’s War”, we at Worker’s Spatula wish to contribute our own critique of Star Wars, a series which unfortunately serves as the primary inspiration for thousands of communist revolutionaries around the world, misleading them in the process.

With the long-awaited third and final instalment of the Star Wars trilogy, we at Worker’s Spatula finally feel confident in assessing George Lucas’s contributions to the proletarian ideology and revolutionary science. We regret to say that despite what may have initially been an earnest effort at promoting communism, his films reveal a mind which is scarcely more revolutionary than George Orwell’s.

Not once in the entire Star Wars trilogy does any character make reference to Marxism-Leninism or dialectical materialism. When Luke’s master, Yoba, dies in the first film, while it is true that the Rebel Alliance hold their fists aloft and praise him as a great revolutionary who has become immortalised in their struggle against fascism, no reference to class is to be found in the Rebels’ ideology.

Much of the trilogy centres around a conflict within “the Force”. The Force is meant to have a “light side” and a “dark side”. Therefore, it is a unity of opposites. Clearly George Lucas is familiar with dialectics, and hopes to foster an understanding of Hegelian thinking among young people. This is an effort to be commended. However, “wise” Jedi figures, supposedly “progressive” within the Star Wars context, understand their relationship to the Force in terms of their own ideas, not material relations. The Jedi preach idealism in its purest: As Obi-Wan Kinobi puts it in the second film: “Fears leads to anger, anger leads to hatred, hatred leads to the dark side.” Where is exploitation in all of this? Where are the class relations? History does not progress by means of ideas, ideas reflect the progress of history! Progressives are therefore judged by their relation to the revolutionary masses, the motive force in history, not bourgeois ideals! Get it together, George Lucas! Are you even a Marxist?!

Remember that scene where Luke blows up the Death Star? Do you remember the part afterwards where Luke mentions that you can’t abolish a thing without abolishing the conditions leading to the arising of the thing? Remember when he talked about the negation of the negation? Neither do we!

All of this metaphysical nonsense could be forgiven if this, the final Star Wars film, the Force Awakens, were at least to contain lengthy sections where workers give speeches about their exploitation and alienation as a result of capitalism. But shockingly, J.J. Abrams neglected to follow any of the suggestions we at Worker’s Spatula sent him in response to the draft script that the studio sent us. Clearly J.J. Abrams lacks class consciousness, and will no longer be invited to Worker’s Spatula’s annual New Year’s party.


17 thoughts on “Humourless Marxist Reviews: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

  1. Indeed, it is clear that Lucas is advocating an infantile ultra-leftist line here that advocates a shallow insurrectionist-adventurist strategy of clandestine terrorist attacks, in the place of serious mass organizing or party-building.

    But this should be no surprise, it is well known that George Lucas was connected with a radical faction of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) when he was attending University of Southern California, and has thus been heavily influenced to the point of dogmatism by the praxis of the Weather Underground.

    However, there might be hope yet; apparently Lucas got in contact with the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan when he was filming scenes for Episode II in Kandahar and has been engaging in self-criticism and struggle sessions. There have been rumors that he has been planning a coup against the reactionary-revisionsts of the Jar-Jar Abrams faction currently in control of LucasFilms–if these rumors prove true, then may the global proletariat rejoice!

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  2. The fish-blooded counter-revolutionary lackeys from the corporate mouse studio have once again betrayed the struggle of the working class by reducing the heroic efforts of the lumpen storm trooper and his feminist proletarian comrade to the odd random impulses of a disembodied “Force” —This is a direct contradiction to the shallow pantomime of an emerging political and class consciousness among the purported heroes. Furthermore, at the soulless cineplex where I waited for the flickering light show on the cave wall with the other self-jailed workers rotting in their psychic chains, I was humiliated by an incessant barrage of horrible commercials. In fact, it was longest and most blatant attempt to brainwash a captive audience I ever saw. How much more heartache shall I endure peering out from my veil of tears? The Force is For Sale. It is bad faith and it is, as one who knows better might expect, purely revisionist,

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  3. “a series which unfortunately serves as the primary inspiration for thousands of communist revolutionaries around the world”
    Exactly how can this be? I mean, the whole thing hinges around a protagonist who is essentially a libertarian’s wet dream – the lone hero, who sweeps in to do alone what an entire army of rebels are completely incapable of doing.
    It’s a story which centers around a main character, whose very existence dictates the outcome of the struggle – if he dies or doesn’t join, then the whole rebellion is crushed by destiny.
    It’s hardly a story about cooperation winning out, and it doesn’t having anything even vaguely close to radical socio-political/economic themes.
    And even worse, the hero is part of a feudalistic religious order, something that the entire film is built around, which not only espouses concepts such as destiny (both individual and on a truly galactic scale), but also which seeks to influence the political landscape of the entire galaxy toward its own tenets.

    The idea that anyone uses this film as some kind of inspiration for any form of left wing ideology or action is utterly laughable – and probably says a lot about them.


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