Levent Gültekin in Tel Aviv for 2015 Victim Blamers Conference


TEL AVIV – Diken columnist Levent Gültekin is travelling to Tel Aviv to attend the annual Victim Blamers Conference, where he will be presenting his talk “How Kurdish violence is to blame for the deaths of Kurds at the hands of the Turkish state: A lesson in resistance from a non-resister.” Worker’s Spatula sat down with Levent Gültekin to get his perspective.

WS: How’re you enjoying Tel Aviv so far?

LG: It’s very nice, I feel right at home lately, since the AKP has sent a bunch of sycophantic pseudo-humanitarians such as myself to meet with the Israeli state and discuss all their common ground. We all go out for rakı geceleri together after I’m done at the conference and they’re done begging for forgiveness from the Israeli state for the day.

WS: Fascinating. So tell us about your presentation. What’s your angle?

LG: Well, you know, the Victim Blamers Conference is usually full of people from oppressor nations blaming the oppressed nations for their own oppression. As I’m from the oppressed Kurdish nation whenever it’s professionally convenient, I’m talking about how we Kurds are tired of being oppressed by our own bad methods of resistance, which definitely don’t work, and want to choose new methods which, coincidentally, would be more appealing to the state which oppresses us.

WS: Do you think this is a very original approach? I mean, doesn’t Israel employ loads of Arabs with a similar attitude?

LG: Yeah, but how many of them write for trendy websites frequented by tatlısu solcuları like Diken? Huh? NONE.

WS: Who else is presenting at the conference this year?

LG: Well, on the panel with me we have a white liberal from the US who condemns black protesters for “getting out of hand” and some Jewish liberals who “just want peace” but understand the Israeli state is forced to bomb Gaza by the anti-Semitic Arab tradition of resistance.

WS: Sounds like a good place for you.

LG: Oh yes, I’m very happy with it.

WS: Anything you’d like to add before you go?

LG: My message is basically Gandhi’s message. It’s not about Turkey, it’s about human beings: All violence is equally reprehensible, I want peace, and I believe it will be achieved when self-defence is abandoned by those being indiscriminately attacked by the state that we must always be soft on lest we lose our jobs. Basically, love your neighbour.


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