Facebook Updates about Charlie Hebdo Centre of US Left Struggle Again


CHICAGO – Following the resolution of the important question of whether the recently deceased pop singer David Bowie was a fascist or a progressive struggler against the forces of reaction in the UK, US leftists are now fiercely engaged in the Facebook struggle against some lowbrow humour publication from France called Charlie Hebdo.

“I will not rest until nobody around me reads the racist publication Charlie Hebdo,” said Charlotte Bacher, a non-French-speaking member of CPUSA from Chicago, who has exactly two friends even capable of reading Charlie Hebdo without the help of a translator of some sort, neither of them having ever publicly expressed interest in the publication.

“This is the predominant form of anti-racist struggle this week,” agreed another white American leftist, one David Finn, a self-described “Pol Potist” from Seattle. “This is basically as important as that time I spent a week calling the forces defending Kobanê sell-outs to US imperialism.”

“Black Lives Matter is so 2015,” said Karen Wong, an “anti-racist activist” and petty bourgeois liberal of some sort from San Francisco. “Back to what really matters: screaming about pop culture from the comfort of my apartment.”

As of press time, the other half of annoying English-speaking Facebook leftists still had French flags and other symbols of the French state displayed as their profile pictures.


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