NCP Central Committee Reportedly Purge Selves


LONDON –Following a purge of a good number of important cadres last week, the central committee of the New Communist Party of Britain have discovered that a typo in the purge document resulted in twice as many cadres being purged as originally intended.

The purge—which began as a disagreement over the exact phrasing of an open letter to the RCPB-ML criticising the latter for their “ultra-left” stance on the historical role of pop singer David Bowie—was announced via a document which, in addition to a list of names of purged cadre, included a list of cadre who should not be purged despite their incorrect stance. The word “not” was left out, resulting in two thirds of the party, rather than the original intended one third, being purged.

The New Worker editorial offices immediately erupted in fierce argument and occasional scuffling upon revelation of the news. Over the past few days, the following events are reported to have occurred:

-Several central committee members gave self-criticism, advocated their own purging to make up for their “petty bourgeois negligence”.

-Other central committee members argued that advocating the further purging of valuable cadres to atone for already accomplished unnecessary purges was ultra-leftist and liquidationist. They advocated purging of the former group of central committee members on these grounds.

-The remaining central committee members advocated a simple public self-criticism and rescinding of the previous purge document. This move was condemned as “revisionist” by the former two groups of central committee members, who advocated the purge of the latter.

-The “revisionist” central committee members resorted to attempting to purge the rest of the central committee “in self-defence”.

At press time, it is not clear whether the central committee of the New Communist Party of Britain has succeeded in purging itself in its entirety or not.


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