Trots to Somehow Fuck This Up Too


PARIS – In a country with the industrial proletariat which supposedly could’ve saved the Soviet Union from “Stalinism”, where apparently 10% of the country votes for Trotskyists in presidential elections, and labour politics causing large-scale clashes with the police in the streets, Trotskyists will still somehow fail to accomplish one fucking revolution in France, a country with a relatively positive attitude towards the concept of “revolution” in the first place, sources close to Worker’s Spatula report.

“To be fair,” explained our comrade “Saïd”, a student activist and professional cynic, “nobody’s really accomplished any revolutions in a while now. But these are pretty much the only conditions the Trotskyists could ever hope to leverage into victory, so if they fuck this up…”

“Well… nothing I guess. They’re going to fuck this up too, and then they’re going to blame each other, and ‘Stalinism’, of course. And then who’s gonna save us? The OCML-PV?”

“Fuck France”, he concluded.


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