Humourless Marxist Reviews: The Peace & Truce of Future of the Left


Ever since frontman Andrew Falkous publicly joined the NCP, Marxist-Leninists across the UK have been curious how this new political commitment would affect the music and lyrics of Wales’s second most famous English language musical act (after the Goldie Lookin’ Chain, who, as is known, are mostly Maoists affiliated with Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr).

Musically “the Peace and Truce of Future of the Left” is a very strong album, like all of Future of the Left’s output. The tracks are short in duration and minimalist in character, as is only fitting given the band’s “punk” roots, but each track still manages to sound distinctive and textured. Subjectively, this album is better than “How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident”. Objectively, the conditions are not yet ripe for proletarian revolution in any part of Britain, owing in no small part to the imperialist extraction of superprofits.

Lyrically, there are surprisingly few references to class struggle in Britain OR the international situation. While “the Limits of Battleship” is clearly about illegal professional revolutionary work, his need to protect his party’s secrets clearly prevent this track from reaching its full potential.

Falco’s new life as a professional revolutionary has meant that much of Falco’s legendary writing skills have been rerouted to party work, and his lyric-writing is caught between his new need to practise democratic centralism and not contradict the party line and his artistic desire to comment on politics in a humorous and free associative fashion as exemplified on such classic Future of the Left tracks as “Failed Olympic Bid”, “the Lord Hates a Coward”, and “Stalin Is My Mate, We Go Out For Beers And That”.

Best songs: “the Limits of Battleships”, “Reference Point Zero”, “White Privilege Blues”.

Worst songs: “Piano Man” by Billy Joel, “God Save the Queen”, you know, that anthem that tossers sing.

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