NUS… or Nu-IS?


Guest author Hatton Sockwell of Trotskyites’ Freedom League writes:

The National Union of Students (NUS) is unquestionably the most powerful democratic body in Britain.

Indeed, it may well be the only democratic body in Britain, given it is the only body to which TFL members, the true bearers of the spirit of the masses, have been elected.

The NUS, whether it gathers at Wolverhampton, Dudley, or Birmingham, serves as a crucial bellwether for the state of Britain. Whenever it meets, millions of ordinary Britons follow its every decision through modern media coverage that beams every crucial twist of compositing and every speech by every university disabilities officer into their homes and minds.

Yet this bastion of democratic democracy has inexplicably elected a Manchurian Candidate — or should I say, Raqqa-ian Candidate? — whose very continued existence threatens the foundations of the institution itself.

Yes, on the surface Malia Bouattia may seem young, female, attractive, successful, left-wing, committed to reducing/abolishing student tuition fees, a strong campaigner against racism and a friend of the worker and ordinary student. But underneath her visage lies the pestilence of anti-Zionism.

Bouattia is on record telling newspapers that the destruction of Palestinians’ houses in clumsy collective punishment measures are “bad”, that the media coverage of Israel/Palestine was “biased” and that the glorious 2006 invasion of Lebanon was “not my cup of tea”.

Without wanting to cast aspersions on anyone due to their ethno-religious background, it would be foolish to ignore the fact that Malia’s family not only share a religion with ISIS, but also came from one of the continents on which ISIS have a foothold.

This would also be a good time to remind readers that ISIS pose an enormous threat to the Middle East, often issuing statements critical of Israel themselves.

So the NUS can go on playing three monkeys while this proto-Galloway continues to amass power and harrass Jewish students with threats of BDS. Its beleaguered membership can continue toiling for the cause of Islamofascism cloaked in the garb of reasonable representation for students in public life. We can watch as LGBT delegates are thrown off municipal car parks and sharia law instituted, with morality police hanging around on street corners to confiscate our bacon butties.

Or we can wait until the next leadership election and elect another Wes Streeting.


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