Timeline: The English Road to Socialism


June 2016: EU vote, PM Cameron resigns, retires to his pig farm in the Cotswalds

September 2016: Illuminati appoint Boris Johnson PM, Labour Right blame Corbyn for failing to secure the position

November 2016: Britain officially in recession, chip butty inflation reaches 8 quid a barm, Corbyn blamed

January 2017: Nigel Farage assassinated, a joke about ale goes here

June 2017: Second Scottish referendum sees Scotland secede, confused Ulster Unionists lose track of which direction their enemies are, are led into Éire Nua without even realising it, triggering PM Johnson’s resignation and a new general election

September 2017: Corbyn elected PM, widely criticised by Labour Right for this extremist act which threatens Labour’s electability

October 2017: PM Corbyn promises freedom for Wales, “killing fields” for Tories

November 2017: Worker’s Spatula England begins daily print edition, all other publications in England banned

December 2017: Beginning of first 5-year plan

May 2018: Anti-EU cross-country bunker-building plan announced in memory of “ancient nationalist legend” Nigel Farage

May 2022: Full communism.

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