Humourless Marxist Reviews: Ghostbusters


As is known, the internet is presently involved in a heated debate about whether the new film “Ghostbusters” is feminist or sexist (depending on whether or not it passes the test of whether feminism or sexism is present, the Bechdel test).

While this is an extremely important question, we at Worker’s Spatula would like to assure the reader that, whether sexist or feminist, the new film is still very appropriate for children, as it is a film about the inherently destructive nature of capitalism and the necessity for armed struggle in the fight against it.

The film stars Sigourney Weaver, Harold Ramis, Rick Moranis, and Ernie Hudson as owners of a small business called “the Ghostbusters Company, Ltd.” in New York, the capital of New Yorkshire. There, they manage to eke out a livelihood busting ghosts until they are arrested over some minor registration infraction that large ghost-busting companies such as the multi-national “Stirner’s Spooks” frequently violate, notably without their CEOs being arrested. This is further proof, if any was needed, that the state is in fact a tool of the big bourgeoisie and not an actor outside of capitalism.

Libertarians would have us believe the state operates outside of and in fact in opposition to capitalism. But this lie does not end with this irrelevant pseudo-intellectual trend. It is implicitly accepted by the much more numerous social democrats, who do not relegate themselves merely to operating within legal reformist means of agitation as a tactical step along the way to the long term strategic goal of the dictatorship of the proletariat, but abandon this goal entirely, preaching that bourgeois democracy will allow the proletariat to seize control of the state through bourgeois elections and use it against monopoly capital! What folly is this?

Parliamentary struggle is a key avenue of agitation, much as union politics is, but one must ceaselessly prepare for all manner of struggle, and ceaselessly outmanoeuvre the enemy in all fields. This is the path to victory, comrades!

The corrupt police in “Ghostbusters” are paid off by “Stirner’s Spooks” to blow up the Busters’ ghost-containment system, resulting not only in the ruination of all of their hard work, but providing an opportunity for the greedy capitalists who control “Stirner’s Spooks” to deal another blow to the small business-owners, who are utterly doomed as capitalism trends towards monopoly as a rule, by having the corporate media run story after story about how the Busters and other “mom and pop” ghost-busting services cannot afford to properly contain the ghosts which they bust, leading to disastrous releases of ghosts previously caught. During the commercial break, “Stirner’s Spooks” is advertised, and the already powerful company scoops up all the ghost-busting jobs while our Busters are still in prison.

Upon the Busters’ release, only Harold Ramis is able to get a job for “Stirner’s Spooks”, while the others must all move in together, pooling their resources and working minimum wage jobs to survive. But Ramis’s lot is little better: Finding the wages insufficient to pay his rent, he convinces his fellow wage slaves to form a union and call a strike. While it seems at first his strike will be successful, ghost-busting scabs, including his old fellows from the Busters, weaken their bargaining position. Disheartened, he commits suicide in a heartbreaking scene in which he busts his own head.

Also they shoot a corporate mascot, which is like, a metaphor for armed struggle against capitalism or something.

Busting makes me feel good.


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