Ajamu Baraka: “Land and Freedom NOW!”

Ajamu Baraka

JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI – While Jill Stein’s guerrilla campaign among the Amish people continues to gather steam, she has chosen a new comrade-in-arms, already deeply engaged in struggle in the so-called “Black Belt”, or “New Afrika”: Ajamu Baraka.

“Land and freedom NOW!” screamed Ajamu Baraka to a cheering crowd of supporters in Jackson, Mississippi, who were waving portraits of Chokwe Lumumba and red, black, and green flags. “Afrikans in this country need to stand up and embrace a real revolution: A national democratic revolution for our people on our land, which we worked as slaves and on which we are still third-class citizens!”

The Black radical’s fiery rhetoric did not spare the feelings of white reformist figures from across the mainstream US political spectrum: “Hillary Clinton’s not going to protect you from fascists like Trump, and neither would Bernie Sanders. They’re all loyal servants of imperialism, and our people have got to stand up for ourselves, liberate ourselves, by any means necessary.”

In spite of his closeness to Jill Stein, he emphasised the need to avoid any illusions about the nature of the system against which the Afro-American people are fighting: “It doesn’t really matter to us who the president is, this system is our enemy, and we’ve got to defeat it. Even if Comrade Jill Stein wins, she won’t be able to change the status quo for our people unless we get organised! We’ve got to recognise Yankee imperialism for what it is: A parasitic enemy of oppressed peoples, including us. This country is built on top of our sweat and labour, our blood and tears! And we’re going to liberate it with our blood and sweat, and really free ourselves, once and for all! Now are you with me?”

Reaction to the speech from the crowd was enthusiastic, but the reactions from the broader US Left, including Afro-American radicals, were mixed:

“Ajamu Baraka is a bourgeois nationalist, no matter what he says,” claimed known Hoxhaite and vocal defender of the DPRK (“in spite of its clear revisionism”) Beyoncé Knowles, between songs at her sold-out concert last night: “Black people do need to question the very core of this system, but the road to ‘Black liberation’ is socialist revolution itself. The police are bourgeois police, the KKK were funded by the big bourgeoisie. This entire country is an imperialist centre with the power to hold Black people down because of capitalism: Racism itself is a product of capitalist attempts to divide the workers.”

“Slay, queen!” yelled APL National Spokesperson Alfonso Casal from the side of the stage, waving a Marx-Engels-Lenin-Stalin flag, as pounding electronic drums announced the start of the next song, to which he enthusiastically bounced, singing along to every word.

“That is completely backward,” responded Ray Light of the Revolutionary Organization of Labor at a secret press conference attended predominantly by ICOR-affiliated foreigners. “Most of the facts are correct, but the Afro-American right to liberation is not dependent on a time table of socialist struggle by the proletariat of the oppressor nation. On the contrary, Afro-American national liberation will deal a powerful blow to imperialism, strengthening the hand of the oppressor nation proletariat.”

Following the delivery of this incisive analysis, he threw a smoke bomb into the crowd and disappeared into the night.

Kshama Sawant of Socialist Alternative, stated that “Jill Stein, even without Ajamu Baraka, is herself doing the job of dividing the working class that so resolutely united behind Bernie Sanders during his campaign. The real answer is Kshama Sawant.”

“Kshama Sawant, Kshama Sawant, Kshama Sawant,” she concluded.

Cornel West, friendly uncle of the US Left, stated that he had not “been paying much attention to what he said particularly, I’m just glad that after that awful Bernie Sanders business, me and Brother Ajamu can be friends again.”


13 thoughts on “Ajamu Baraka: “Land and Freedom NOW!”

  1. John McDonnell's Kalishnikov

    Don’t forget that it is the duty of all class conscious white workers to vigorously combat white supremacy and great nation chauvinism, and the influence of such ideas in the class. This is the only way to combat the bourgeoisie and forge a mighty alliance between the proletariat of the oppressor nation and the oppressed peoples to deal a striking blow against capitalism-imperialism. Land and freedom now! Workers and oppressed peoples of the world unite!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. John McDonnell's Kalishnikov

        Isn’t APL that group founded by a bunch of Hoxhaists from Revleft (which I’m surprised you’ve never mocked)? If it did originate from Revleft, it certainly doesn’t look it. There are some pretty good articles on the Red Phoenix.


      2. kjm46

        Revleft’s where I came across the APL, not sure if it originated there. Last I heard they were trying to get recognition from ICMLPO (U&S) and had good relations with the PCML de Ecuador.


  2. Alfonso Casal

    John McDonnell — Yeah, some of our early members were on RevLeft. But that was before I joined. And most of them have gone the way of Li Lisan.


  3. Alfonso Casal

    KJM46 — PCML Ecuador and PCC-AP Chile and EMEP and Toufan Iran and CPGB-ML Britain and AKP Denmark. And, here in the states, we’ve worked closely with FRSO (Fightback) and Workers World.

    Sorry, Worker’s Spatula. Didn’t mean to get all serious on you. By the way, the “Revolutionary Russian Reader” is selling like blinis!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Harry Haywood fanatic

    Beyoncé’s singing “Lift Every Voice and Sing” now (slay, queen!), looks like Alfonso will have to find someone else he can stan as a cover for his latent Browderism

    Liked by 1 person

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