Castro: “Honestly, I Wish They Would Assassinate Me”


LA HABANA – Staring at his wrinkled visage in the bathroom mirror, Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro sighed and pantomimed shooting himself in the temple with his hand.

“If I had died years ago, like Che, I would be a hero in the mind of everyone who matters. Now, even the other communists have to feign enthusiasm for me,” he explained to his own reflection before taking a swig of rum, holding back tears as he swallowed.

Mustering up all his courage and strength, the 90-year-old marched out onto the balcony to give a speech to the assembled masses:

“The revolution lives! It’s still alive! It hasn’t dropped dead yet, no matter how much it would like to. The revolution walks and lives and breathes, and certainly isn’t tired of everyone else just staring at it, muttering under their breath instead of picking up the fucking slack for once!”

Fidel’s brother Raúl, sensing tension and unease in the crowd, rushed over to salvage the speech. Covering the microphone with his hand, he whispered: “Fidel, you stink of rum. How much have you had to drink?” Uncovering the microphone, he smiled broadly and announced: “That’s right! We all need to work together! Let’s have the birthday comrade introduce our special guests from Vietnam!”

“It’s Laos!” shouted Fidel indignantly. “They’re not from Vietnam, Vietnam didn’t respond to our invitation, so we invited fucking Laos!”

“But Laos is a very special country too!” corrected a visibly perspiring Raúl. “They built a little republic shaped like a shooting star, and we’re going to have some delicious Laotian food together with them, isn’t that right?” At this juncture, Raúl covered the microphone with his hand once again and adopted a stern facial expression: “You like Laotian food, don’t you Fidel? You’re going to smile and eat it, and shake everyone’s hand, and you’re not going to fuck this up for me, right?”

Sighing, Fidel weakly took hold of the microphone and addressed the crowd again:

“We welcome our very special guests from Laos. We will now retire to the banquet hall to have a dinner and discuss urgent matters of international importance. The revolution in Laos is… are you kidding me?… the revolution in Laos is an inspiration to the people of Cuba, who tirelessly pour every effort into international solidarity, do we ever.”

As the Laotian dignitaries walked over to shake his hand, Fidel leaned into the microphone one last time before they were all shuffled off the balcony inside:

“If the CIA’s listening, just kill me now. I’m so tired of this.”


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