“TILÎLÎLΔ, Sources Confirm


KOBANÊ – Despite the Turkish armed forces incursion into Rojava, the West of Kurdistan, the national territory of the heroic Kurdish people, morale remains high, with sources on the ground confirming “TILÎLÎLÎLÎLÎLΔ.

Our woman on the ground in Mêrdîn concurred that, according to everyone she has spoken to, “TILÎLΔ, and furthemore “TILÎLÎLÎLΔ.

Sources in Dêrsim were divided as to whether “TILÎLÎLÎLÎLΔ or “TESLİM OLMAK YOK”, but top analysts agree that while the odds of teslim olmak are indeed slim to none, the more common sentiment is indeed the ululation of heroic woman guerrillas.

All night long.


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