Max Blumenthal a Sellout for Writing for Alternet


NEW YORK – Representatives of the ISO, Solidarity, and other very important and politically serious Trotskyist trends in the US came together today to collectively condemn right-wing careerist and imperialist warmonger Max Blumenthal in Union Square.

“Max Blumenthal is in the service of dictators!” began Elaine Johanson of the ISO. “He’s lining his pockets with Syrian regime money while the people of Syria suffer! We call for the democratically elected government of Iraq to be extended to Damascus, and for Max Blumenthal to be publicly hanged for war crimes! Vote Clinton.”

Next up to speak was Paul Winthrop, of Solidarity: “Oppressed people all over the world will hear the deafening silence of the Stalinists today! Oh sure, they’re out there for Black people when they die, and for Palestinians when Israel is bombing them, but Black people and Palestinians can see through the lies, because they can see the Stalinists refuse to condemn the real threat to the wretched of the earth: Max Blumenthal.

“We go further than all the others: We call for regime change EVERYWHERE, whether in Pyongyang, Damascus, or Max Blumenthal’s office!”

While other speakers continued ranting and raving about the fascist menace presented by Blumenthal, John Green of the SWP (which is like the AWL in the UK, not SWP in the UK), agreed to speak with our New York correspondent:

“The utter hypocrisy of Blumenthal’s piece in Alternet… What a fascist sellout move… So first of all, to accuse the US of wanting regime change in Syria, it ignores the question of how much Russia wants regime change in Syria. Bet he didn’t think of that, did he? Well he did, but then he stuffed his face with a big money salad. Like a big… Russian salad. Made out of money. And lies.

“Secondly, he’s Jewish. Blumenthal is a Jew. And any self-respecting Jew should know better than to stand against the democratic and progressive forces in Syria. You know which ones I mean. And WHY does he stand against them? Because they get arms from the US? My grandfather fought against the Nazis, with weapons supplied by Stalin, another Nazi imperialist leader, maybe worse than the US. Was he wrong too? Would Blumenthal write a piece condemning my grandfather?

“Max Blumenthal denies the Holocaust.”

Updates on Blumenthal’s continued assaults on ethically and intellectually serious discourse will be provided as they happen.


3 thoughts on “Max Blumenthal a Sellout for Writing for Alternet

  1. Brian

    Most Syrians support president Assad and the Syrian army . How do you get the jihadis waging war on Syria with the backing of Saudi Arabia Qatar Israel turkey and USA to be ‘democratic and progressive forces ‘!? Who r u reading ?


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