Trump-Voting Teacher Breaks Down Barriers with Stereotype-Shattering Letter


PHILADELPHIA – Students in Ms. Malfray’s 3rd grade class at Penn Valley Elementary School in Levittown, Pennsylvania, became emotional Friday when they read a letter she had put up for the class after Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States.

“Dear class,” it read. “Some of you have heard some hurtful things since Donald Trump was elected. I’ve had students tell me that other children taunt them by saying that President Trump will kick them out of our country. This is unacceptable behaviour.

“Even if I and the other teachers at this school voted for Trump, this does not mean that we don’t see you as important members of our school. For example, Juan: You may think just because me and the other teachers were on the street the other day, chanting ‘Mr. Trump, build that wall!’, that we agree with that boy who pushed you and told you to get your beaner ass back to Mexico. But if we Trump supporters were so bad, why would your abuela, Hillary Clinton, be encouraging you to support President Trump?

“Trump says he is going to help everybody, not only white people. I believe we’re all going to come together to make America great again. We can learn from legal American citizens of different backgrounds. Like little Jeffrey Lee: I think the whole class agrees you are very special. You are the best at math, and your mother can teach our more Americanised parents about discipline. We’ve all been coddled by the California liberal elite, and that’s why America doesn’t win anymore. We’re all losers. Not like the Chinese.”

At this point in the letter-reading, Jorge (the “Juan” referenced in the prior paragraph) patted Korean-American student Jeffrey Lee on the back.

“Fatima: we don’t see you as a terrorist. We definitely don’t blame you for the twin towers. Mr. Trump doesn’t either, and he proved it by removing that thing about your people from his website. Now he’s just like Hillary Clinton, except he’s going to give your dad a job! Maybe then you won’t have to be married off to a much older man at the age of 15, never to be heard from by anyone in this country ever again.

“Ari: even though you’re a Jew, we don’t think of you as being tight with money, or worry that you’ll sacrifice our first-born Christian children to your were-god. You promise not to, though, right?

“And finally, Наранцэцэг: our Mongol stereotypes are a little out of date, but we certainly don’t think you’ll start a horde and start looting Utah. And if you did, we wouldn’t really mind, because it’s full of Mormons. No offence, Aaron.

“All of you students are real Americans in my eyes, and I’m proud to know every single one of you. Just as long as you don’t pull some Black Lives Matter, Stalin Kaepernick shit.


Wow! What a great statement of unity and togetherness in the face of those divisive protests! If only all America were as willing to reject stereotypes and reach across the aisle as Ms. Malfray!


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