Krugman Suing Hell over Trump Victory


HELL – Mephistopheles is in hot water today after Paul Krugman formally opened a court case against him and Satan, better known as the Devil™, over the non-election of Hillary Clinton.

Krugman claims that, following the sale of his immortal soul to the nether-beings as part of a signed contract, obligations on the part of the latter went unfulfilled. Krugman is also claiming that the reneged-upon contract cost him not only said soul, but additionally resulted in the loss of his dignity and likelihood of being taken seriously in academic circles ever again.

A spokesperson for the Devil™, one Paul Ryan, denied breach of contract: “The small print explicitly stated that our party would ensure that Hillary Clinton would win the election by at least two million votes, and we delivered on that promise.

“We see Mr. Krugman’s objections as nitpicking and thoroughly reject the idea that he was in any sense deceived.”

Meanwhile, the Nobel Prize-winning economist continued fulfilling his side of the bargain, trashing his own reputation by endorsing conspiracy theories about Russia and whining endlessly on an unpopular website for losers known as “Twitter dot com”.


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