Oscar Temaru Blames Failure on “Les Blancs”


PARIS – Following the conclusion of the first round of French presidential elections, the Spatula’s favoured candidate, Oscar Temaru, has been knocked out of the race by a veritable menagerie of white people, including other social democrats who couldn’t even manage to beat out Le Pen and Macron.

The Spatula’s local correspondent was present at Temaru’s press conference, where he gave the following statement:

Friends, comrades, ICOR and ICMLPO (Maoist) representatives: thank you all for being here. We ran a good campaign, and we certainly won’t surrender now. I salute all our people in the streets, in the workplaces, in the universities, in all spheres of life, who stand against the dictats of French Republic, its imperialist manoeuvres, and its frankly awful cuisine.

Our campaign was right, and if I had a chance to run it again, I would change only one thing: France has too many white people.

Again I reiterate that I don’t mean this in a racist way. I don’t hate white people. I don’t want to deport white people. I simply think that there are disproportionately many of them in France given their actual contributions to building France into what it is today, and I wish that French civil society more fully reflected the reality that without Polynesia, there would be no France as we know it.

What has been made clear, not only by my defeat in this election, but also in the remaining two choices, is that white people in France cannot be trusted to solve this problem on their own. They simply refuse to recognise the historical justice that would manifest itself in the un-bleaching of French society. The white minority nationalities of France, such as the Basques and Bretons, refuse to even take seriously their historical duty to remove themselves from France in the service of this goal.

I fear that the objective conditions simply made it impossible for us to win this election, and may even make it impossible to win the next election. We will struggle on regardless, but I wish to make one thing perfectly clear: We did not lose this election, white people stole it.

Given the choice between Le Pen and Macron, the Spatula default to the Hoxhaist ICMLPO position of recommending all French comrades cast their vote for Donald Trump, as the lesser evil.


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