Big Revolutionary Man Doesn’t Need Your “Criticism”


THE INTERNET, RIGHT NOW – Enquiring if “you even know who I am and what sort of work I do???”, and “what do you do, except leave meaningless attacks on everyone not up to your puritanical standards on web forums???” a white cishet man from the oppressor nation background in an imperialist country criticised for his unexamined privilege positively exploded today at how unreasonable some people can be.

Having patronisingly ignored all polite attempts to correct his behaviour, he responded to harsher criticism by policing the tone of his critics and launching into a tirade about how much more of a serious revolutionary he is than “you people”, presumably everyone.

“While you’re all throwing around made-up words like ‘labour aristocracy’ and ‘privilege’ and ‘revisionism’ and other student left terms, I’m doing serious revolutionary work and reading Lenin and Mao,” screamed the important man in all caps. “If I need your liberal pseudo-intellectual bullshit, I’ll go check Tumblr or Libcom or something!”

“Hiding your abusive attitude behind political posturing is wrecking behaviour that destroys the working class unity that people like me are building! Sorry if your egos can’t take the truth, but that’s it!” added the presumably very well-endowed man, oblivious to the irony.

At press time, the man was private messaging admins of the group where the incident took place, demanding to know why his posts were deleted. He was promptly reassured that this was done to spare everyone else the embarrassment of having been so thoroughly eviscerated by such a serious revolutionary as himself.

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