About Worker’s Spatula

Worker’s Spatula is an internationalist and anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist platform for irreverent Marxist discourse, including satire, which for the first two and a half years of our existence was what we published to the exclusion of all else, see here. You may contact us at mastursublator [at] gmail.com and fund us on Patreon. We post links and memes on our Facebook page, and we retweet things from @WorkersSpatula, where we also engage in occasional micro-polemics and micro-satire.

We were once asked what the official song of Worker’s Spatula was, spontaneously and unanimously our entire editorial staff at the time began playing this:


33 thoughts on “About Worker’s Spatula

      1. Cannot believe anyone would think there’s a connection. Chalk (us) and (back of the fridge) cheese (them). In fact, our hatred for WS has only been compounded by their refusal to signal boost our #HandsOffMosul thunderclap.


    1. Please choose whichever answer is most useful to class struggle:
      1) Different elements behind WS have different views on Comrade Stalin, but it is true that our enemies consider all of us “Stalinists”. Of course, there is no such thing as “Stalinism”, there is only the science of Marxism-Leninism.
      2) “If WS was run by Stalinists, you would not be allowed to ask that question.” -Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
      3) Everything you have ever read on libcom is true.
      4) All of the above.

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  1. Anonymous

    So what your site is about is basically claiming the good and not holding any responsibility for the bad… Typical facist propaganda… Might as well call yourself the site of the motherland, heaven forbid (term used lightly) you take full responsibility or have any bad coverage. I feel that any form of government is despicable and goes against the natural order and hence should be done away with. But enjoy your totalitarian philosophies, and have fun being part of the 99% that is continually brainwashed and considered expendable to feed the belly of the 1%


  2. John McDonnell's Kalishnikov

    What, in y’alls opinion, is the best (perhaps I should say least worst) Trotskyite party/group/international/individual (past or present)?

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    1. This is difficult to answer not because we “hate” Trots so much as because our problem with Trots is they have an incorrect theory (as evidenced by their complete lack of revolutionary success, anywhere in the world, under any conditions), so the “best” Trots end up being the ones that accept an almost-invisible supporting role in popular fronts. Consider DSİP, which spent a while cheering on liberals and conservatives over whom they could have no influence before accepting to join the HDK, which is a progressive grouping for sure, but in the process they sacrificed the (reactionary) views which made them distinctive in the first place, and without anything to add to the HDK’s practice, they have obtained not only our begrudging approval but also their effective irrelevance.

      TL;DR version: Trots have no revolutionary strategy, so they are either unpopular parts of popular leftist trends or they side with reactionaries.

      Or they’re the Sparts, who manage to avoid liquidationism and opportunism by being extreme sectarians.

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  3. John McDonnell's Kalishnikov

    Okay, what’s so bad about the PSL? For what it is, a right-deviationist somewhat Breznevite group, it’s not that bad. Rather widespread, and whatnot. Of course, right-deviationism isn’t good, and it lacks a good theoretical grounding, but for the U. S., that’s about as much as you can ask for. Except for ROL, who are awesome. Ray O’Light for president.


      1. We spent a lot of time mocking the Yanks’ political culture over the past year, and the result was nothing. We spent a lot of time mocking British political culture and the result has been more troops for John McDonnell’s New People’s Army.

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  4. John McDonnell's Kalishnikov

    You’re supportive of the CPB?!?! The Khruschivites with the British Road to Socialism?!?! Is this some sort of tactical consideration, along the lines of “it’s better to work with revisionist right-opportunists who can have some mass appeal than revisionist ultra-lefts who alienate the unfortunately Anti-Stalinist masses with their Stalin banners” deal?


    1. We do read the Morning Star, in spite of many differences, as we try to read everything which has some value. We’ve left our views on the CPB, in which we compare them to TKEP/L, in plain Kurdish for all to read: https://workersspatula.wordpress.com/2016/05/06/plaid-cymru-ki-ne/

      Working with such groups is certainly about tactics and not strategy, and tactics of course have nothing to do with whether or not CPB are revisionists, which they are. If a non-revisionist party can be formed in Britain to replace them, that’s of course preferable, but in the meantime, CPB is less revisionist than CPGB-ML.


  5. Well, I came here to leave a thanks for the follow, never expecting to find the mother-fracking-lode of snark. I love snark. I don’t always understand it, but even when I miss the point, I still love it.


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