“The Government in Brazil is a Government,” Anarchist Informs Us



SÃO PAULO – Brazil, better known to Worker’s Spatula’s writing staff as the birthplace of Paulo Freire, is in an uproar over attempts by fascists to topple a progressive government in that country under the guise of “anti-corruption”. Progressives and socialists around the world stand with the poor and downtrodden of Brazil as they protest this latest attempt by the forces of reaction in Latin America to crush the democratic spirit of the labouring peoples.

“But none of that matters,” New York-born anarchist and freelance journalist Sean McCarthy informed Worker’s Spatula’s São Paulo correspondent as they observed a crowd of bourgeois anti-government protesters calling for the resignation of allegedly corrupt officials associated with the Workers’ Party. “What you’re feeding me is pro-Moscow dogma, and it’s just another way of crushing the spirit of liberation that unites all of humanity.”

“I’ve heard it all before. First you’re going to tell me that the Workers’ Party represents the will of the poor, but poor people voted for Hitler. Rousseff is Hitler, is basically what I’m saying.”

“Next you’ll say that their opponents are worse, but who put you in charge of who’s bad and who’s good? Your god, Stalin? Those days are over man, you can’t gulag me.

“You can’t just stereotype the opposition as being a bunch of wealthy white Brazilians, just because most of them happen to be wealthy and white, and hate poor and dark-skinned Brazilians.”

“At the end of the day, all governments are governments, and like it or not, Brazil’s government is also a government. That makes it bad, and that makes everyone who’s against it good.”

Asked who he would be voting for in his own country, McCarthy responded: “Trump of course, he’s a rebel against the system, like me.”