Ex-Soviets Resist “Queue Culture”

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TORONTO – As the post-Soviet economies continue to produce high unemployment, forcing many ex-Soviet citizens into the diaspora, cultures increasingly clash in major imperialist countries with a relatively high intake of immigrants, such as the United States and Canada.

“These fucking Russians and Uzbeks and whatever else they are, they don’t know how to line up!” exclaimed Karen Nestor, local student and Pierre Trudeau fan, while being jostled out of place repeatedly by old headscarved women, several of whom were multilingual, but not in any languages they speak in Canada. “This is what communism does to people, I guess, no civilisation!”

“Actually,” interjected Zəhra Kazımova, an Anthropology student at the local University of Toronto, “Lineups were a common activity forced upon my parents’ generation by the Soviet regime. Here in Canada, they are simply expressing the freedom that capitalism brings to not have to line up for goods and services.

“I’m not surprised privileged people like you would no idea about how far you have been indoctrinated by racist Cultural Marxism to believe that everyone has to line up behind you according to your standards of civilisation. It’s exactly your thinking that made the Soviet Union so oppressive to my people!”

“Wow,” exclaimed Nestor, shocked at her own un-unpacked privilege. “I had never thought about it that way!”

Our local correspondent spoke to Gurmat Singh, a local immigration lawyer, to learn more about the problems of queue culture:

“You have no idea the horror stories we hear from people who grew up under communism. Some of them had to wait in line for bread, and then wait in another line for various other goods, and then ride in a vehicle packed with other people on their way back to a small apartment. It was hell. I tell them: This is Canada. This is a free country. You don’t have to experience any of that ever again.

“But some of us who grew up here in Canada, they just can’t understand how important these freedoms are. We don’t appreciate the freedom from a crushing, alienating life of poverty that is the birthright of every Canadian.”

Despite the educational efforts of experts like Singh and community insiders like Kazımova, many people who grew up with English Canadian national culture still insist on imposing Cultural Marxist ideas on these people who have already enough suffered from Marxism and its unnatural ideas of equality.

“If they don’t want to wait with everyone else, they should pay extra for a delivery service! That’s what makes the system function so well: You pay the appropriate amount for the thing you really want. These queue-jumpers are trying to game the system!” explained Economics major, wannabe Austrian, and apparent “Cultural Marxist” Frederick Murray.

“What we need to do is introduce a more free market system into their countries, so if they immigrate here, they’re already familiar with what life is like in a developed capitalist country,” concluded Murray, clearly applying Marx’s Eurocentric standards of “development” to countries like Russia which have been denied the free market blessings the average Canadian enjoys so well.

However, not all ex-Soviet immigrants share the queue-jumping perspective of Kazımova’s elders. Some are resisting communism in their own way:

“YOU COMMUNIST WHORE!” screamed local “patriotic anti-communist” Yegor Nazarenko as he kicked an old Ukrainian man in the shins as he attempted to jump the queue, sending the latter’s plastic container full of roast chicken on a collision course with the dirty floor of the supermarket.

“How dare you jump a civilised, democratic queue as if it were one of those Judeo-Bolshevik queues back home!” he scolded the old man, grinding the roast chicken into the floor with his combat boot as the old man stared up at him, tears in his eyes.

Nazarenko then joined the queue himself, where he purchased a six-pack of “pyvo”, paid for by Canada Benefits.


Family Living in Fantasy World Visits Nonexistent Country


MONTRÉAL – Sources across Canadia remain divided as to whether it is more embarrassing for humanity that we are still pretending the Royal Family are anything but another unit of irrectifiable reactionary big bourgeois who must be liquidated, or that anyone would travel any significant distance to visit this pseudo-country.

“As an Atheist, I find everyone’s belief in God a little puzzling,” local Canadian republican Eric Ray told our source in Montréal, “but I do want to remind people that the Anglican god is still held to have some special interest in their being the nominal heads of various states chosen seemingly at random from across the globe.”

“I know,” responded our correspondent. “Everyone knows Allah’s only interested in Hizbullah’s victory over the enemies of the people and the ice-axeing of all Trotskyists.”

Other sources, however, found the continued implication of Canadia’s importance more frustrating, with Parti Québécois spokesman Jean Purelaine stating: “We mostly hate the royal family because they remind us we are still in Canada. Abolish Canada and we won’t have to worry about them, or anything else the English have ever created, because we’ll be free to trade directly with the United St… oh that’s right.”

“It’s true that Canada shouldn’t even exist,” responded [REDACTED], a spokesperson for the RCP-PCR. “But Québec shouldn’t exist either, and in fact Québec’s existence is equally frustrating to Canada’s existence, objectively speaking.

“However we will grant that unlike Québec, Canada is a lightning rod for irrelevant bullshit like the British monarchy, and their stupid pissing contest with the Yanks over who makes better sitcoms, or whatever it is the English talk about.”

UPDATE: Since this article was published, all correspondents and editors involved were forced to give their self-criticism for implicitly accepting that Canada does in fact exist in the first place.

Jason Unruhe: “If Trump Wins, I’m Moving to the US”


By Jason Unruhe

Many Americans, especially those on the left, have been threatening to move to Canada in the case of a Donald Trump victory in the coming elections. Naturally, withdrawing one’s labour from the workforce in order to achieve one’s aims is a time-honoured tactic, but in this case it looks as though it would be sporadic and unorganized, and hardly likely to cause the crisis in US capitalism that North America so desperately needs. Those advocating this line of action in general represent the labour aristocracy, when they are not outright petty bourgeois. Such people are obviously completely worthless to revolution in the analysis of our ingenious leader, Comrade Prairie Fire.

You see, in our analysis, a Trump victory would be a gift—a historical, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to undermine the great Satan and drastically reconstitute the very world in which we live. Yes, if Trump is elected, I call on all Canadians to move to the United States.

Communism in China did not emerge fully-formed without a period of great struggle; it was born out of contradictions which were exploited by the international communist movement. As Mao Tse Tung himself emphasized: “A good comrade is one who is more eager to go where the difficulties are greater.” What Canadian can deny that difficulties in the US are already greater? And does not every US comrade eagerly anticipate election day, when they will be able to cast their vote for Trump, just as Chairman Mao would have instructed?

Of course, we would be true reformists if we analysed electoral politics as the only avenue for struggle. We must consider the objective conditions among the masses in the US: Whilst the Yankee peasantry is ripe for rebellion and unquestionably well-armed, US society does not yet appear prepared to take part in a peasant and worker-led struggle against imperialist and capitalist hegemony, even during the years of the hated Bush regime. But after a Trump victory, how long can it possibly take before the contradictions of capitalism force radical change in one direction or other?

Unlike in Canada, where hardened communists like myself are unable to organise the First Nations proletariat for struggle, the United States has a frighteningly large population of oppressed nationalities workers living in third world conditions: Afro-Americans, Chicanos, Appalachians, Mormons, these are but some of the populations who would finally embrace my worldview under the apartheid-like conditions of a Trump presidency.

Truly, Worker’s Spatula were wise to pour so much of their time and resources into the Trump campaign. While others, like the reformist ICOR affiliate ROL, wasted time discussing the process of the campaign of Bernie Sanders (who is a mere shadow of the first worldist scoundrel Jeremy Corbyn), Worker’s Spatula ensured that the conditions would soon be ripe for revolutionaries from across Canada will have the conditions we need to actually effect change.

In order to ensure that conservatives and reactionaries do not hijack the struggle for their own ends, it is imperative that we as responsible Canadians stand up and pledge to do whatever we can to ensure that the US is helped onto the right path. Unfortunately, I cannot speak for the various reformist and revisionist organisations in Canada which organise the labour aristocracy and neglect the greater contradiction of imperialism. But speaking on behalf of the LLCO, I assure the oppressed nationalities in the US that they will not be left alone. All of our Canadian cadres are coming to help you struggle until victory.

Yes, if Trump wins, I’m moving to the US.


“Marxism Too Mainstream,” Declares Hipster Embracing Young Hegelianism


TORONTO – York University philosophy student Christopher Lam first came to the attention of Worker’s Spatula when one of our Toronto representatives engaged him in discussion while distributing Worker’s Spatula alongside comrades from the CPC(ML) engaging in a protest.

“Yeah, I know Worker’s Spatula. Pretty mainstream shit, if you ask me. I bet the writers read translations of Engels or Gramsci to understand dialectical relationships. Me? I read dense prose in THE ORIGINAL GERMAN.”

It was quickly ascertained that Lam was some manner of non-Marxist Hegelian. His time appeared to mostly be divided between the computers in the Scott Library and showing up at protests and other left activities, at which he would principally stand at the sidelines, smoking cigarettes and scoffing at the “vulgarity” of the various left factions.

“It’s not that everything the CPC(ML) talks about is wrong, they make some good points, but printing pamphlets about dialectics that any bozo can read? Leave this shit to the philosophers, eh?”

More recently, we met Lam at a punk show, which Lam informed us “totally sucked”. During our discussion he said that “Engels was a sell-out. Hegel was really at his best in Phänomenologie des Geistes. When you read Engels’s critiques of Stirner, you see that what really upsets him is Stirner’s greater freedom and self-consciousness. Engels was a pussy, he could never be as much of a rebel as Stirner was.”

Asked if he considered himself a follower of Stirner, we were quickly rebuked: “Stirner is just an example of how you lot need to move beyond your precious Marx, as if he was some uniquely gifted individual and not one of the more vulgar trends within Left Hegelianism. What I advocate at present is something more ‘free’ than the party model. This isn’t the bourgeois idea of ‘individual freedom’, but rather we need a more advanced philosophical discourse aimed at determining a higher sort of ‘truth’, through which a higher sort of ‘freedom’ might be achieved.”

“Die Auflösung jener einfachen Einheit ist das Resultat der ersten Erfahrung; es ist durch sie ein reines Selbstbewußtsein, und ein Bewußtsein gesetzt, welches nicht rein für sich, sondern für ein Anderes, das heißt, als seiendes Bewußtsein oder Bewußtsein in der Gestalt der Dingheit ist”, he added.



US Liberals Prepared to Uproot Whole Lives in Response to Possible Trump Victory


PORTLAND, OREGON – Informal polls carried out by Worker’s Spatula correspondents in various cities on the West Coast of the United States reveal that the overwhelming majority of petty bourgeois US liberals, too busy to engage in concrete practice aimed at the rectification of the many injustices which perturb them, are prepared to uproot their entire lives and relocate across the border to Canada.

“When the whole Black Lives Matter thing got going, like, I wanted to do something, but I was really busy. I mean, I’ve got so much else going on.” 27-year-old Justin Cazden informed us, though he did not elaborate on what else he had “going on”. “Now I wish I had, because Trump’s going to be president, and racism will be legal again, and I guess I’ll just have to move to Canada, where racism doesn’t exist.”

33-year-old Peter Miller, who has threatened to relocate to Canada in the event of a Republican victory every US presidential election since 2000, but who has never threatened to abandon the Democratic Party, agreed: “It’s really scary to think that Trump might actually become president. I mean, not really scary for me because I’m in the tech industry and I’ll land on my feet in Canada, and I won’t really suffer if I stay here. But it’s scary for the people who already have it hard under Obama. Who I voted for, by the way. Tell the other Black people I voted for Obama, I want them to know I’m not racist.”

Private school-educated Karen Goldman, who was part of the “Tibetan Freedom Club” at university, and then was politically dormant until recently, claims Trump’s nomination would be “the last straw” for her: “Recently I shared some things about the public schools in Detroit on Facebook, but I think it might be too late. I think we’ve done all we can here, and it’s time for enlightened progressives to move up to Canada, where people will understand us.”

The Canadian Maoist group RCP-PCR responded positively to the idea that West Coast liberals would be relocating north of the border. Their Vancouver representative agreed to speak with our correspondent: “We’re pretty confident in our strength in Québec, and we’re starting to spread to Ontario, but we’ve got next to nothing here in British Columbia. If the Yanks are so disaffected by bourgeois politics that they’re ready to become refugees, I’m sure we can forge some of them into militants for our coming people’s war.”

“People’s war!” he concluded.


Stalin Society of North America to Release “Revolutionary Russian Reader”


CHICAGO – The Stalin Society of North America has elected to ring in the new year with the release of a book sure to delight its core audience: The Revolutionary Russian Reader promises to educate the reader in key points of Russian grammar and lexicon through example texts culled from the writings of V.I. Lenin and Joseph Stalin.

“It’s for young comrades who want to learn Russian, but can’t relate to the dry dialogues about buying tickets and going round a friend’s place for tea. We figure some theoretical and propagandistic texts written by the minds responsible for the most exciting chapters of Russian history would be more engaging for a lot of people,” explained Alfonso Casal, author of the Revolutionary Russian Reader, Chairperson of the SSNA, and National Spokesperson for the American Party of Labor.

“Is it a niche market? Sure. But Anglo-Americans who are actually willing to learn a second language are already a niche market. And you’d be hard pressed to find a pairing more natural than Russian and Marxism-Leninism.”

Asked how accessible the book would be as an actual textbook for learning the language, Casal excitedly opened the book to the first unit “Лозунги/Slogans”.

“This is the chapter where we teach the Russian case system. It might seem like a lot, but when you’ve got ‘Вся власть Советам!’ memorised as ‘All power to the Soviets!’, how can you ever forget the plural dative?”

“From there we go all the way up to lengthy sections taken from the Collected Works. Both of them.”

Asked if he thought the books would sell, Casal assured us that not only was there already a substantial pre-order list, but that the rumour is that the Maoists are putting together a similar work for the Chinese language.

“We thought of doing the same thing for Albanian, because you know, Enver Hoxha. But who’s going to learn Albanian? Even EMEP never did it. EMEP!”


News in Brief: November 10th 2015


LISBON – Apparently the Portuguese Left has decided to remind the rest of Europe that Portugal exists. Most European leftists responded with shock when they learnt that Podemos was not involved in the as yet unanalysed Lusophone shenanigans. The dastardly Portuguese are up to something, but it is not clear what exactly. ICOR coordinator and known Iberophile Stefan Engel responded to the murky developments in the quasi-country, saying “It makes me wish we had a Portuguese ICOR affiliate, so we could ask them what was up. But we never thought to enquire into possible Portuguese affiliates, because they were all hiding down there, below Spain, where nobody ever looks.”

LONDON – The greatest Greek philosopher since Plato and the sexiest Greek since Alcibiades, Yanis Varoufakis, and the best Yugoslav Stalin-pretender since Tito, Slavoj Žižek, have announced their discussion-based eventoid “Europe is Kaputt. Long live Europe!”, in which they will discuss, nay, DECIDE the future of Europe. Inside sources hint that Žižek will agree with Varoufakis on some banal point before launching into a tangent, and, at another point, “quote someone with whom… [he disagrees] entirely”.

THE JUNGLES OF SOUTHERN THAILAND – In response to a Malaysian government proposal to mandate separate supermarket trolleys for Halal and non-Halal food products, ex-guerrillas of the Communist Party of Malaya called a press conference in a village near the border: “It didn’t start here, and it won’t end here. I think we all know where this is going. Your children are going to be growing up in a Malay-speaking version of Saudi Arabia. Don’t like it? Well, you had your chance, Malaysia. I bet a lot of you wish we had won now, huh? Well, now we don’t have any guns, and you’re stuck with your garbage state. We’re never coming home, so we don’t have to worry about any of that.” When our Worker’s Spatula correspondent in Thailand pointed out that Thailand was looking pretty hopeless itself, the once-upon-a-time rebels curtly informed all present that the conference was over.

SOMEWHERE IN GODDAMN ONTARIO – Jason Unruhe is now accusing people of “wrecking”. He has yet to respond to Worker’s Spatula’s e-mailed enquiry into how anyone can wreck the LLCO, an organisation which appears to consist only of himself and “Comrade Prairie Fire”. Hopefully nothing has come between the two of them, and the entire editorial and writing staff of Worker’s Spatula wishes them nothing but the best.