Next Catastrophe Looming for Cizre


CİZRE, TURKISH KURDISTAN – The Kurdish town of Cizre in Turkey gained international notoriety due to the Turkish state completely cutting off the whole city from the outside world and imposing a 24-hour curfew for 8 days. The details of the plight of the people in Cizre are now slowly emerging and it appears that at least 23 civilians have been killed.

This is clearly terrorist propaganda, as Turkish officials have informed the public that no harm at all was done to civilians and it was only PKK terrorists that were killed. Apparently the whole focus of the operation was some 150 to 200 militants supposedly hiding in the city. It is only logical to punish all of the 120,000 people in the town towards this goal. Also, it is now clear that among the dead were a 35-day old baby and several people aged 70 to 80. This is clear evidence of PKK trickery, recruiting babies and old men to fight. A 75-year old who was killed by a sniper apparently left the house saying “I am going to get some bread, I’m old, they are not going to do anything to me.” The Turkish state is far too careful to be fooled so easily.

After the siege was finally broken after massive protests, a new catastrophe loomed on the horizon for the impoverished town. A delegation of the German Green Party including chairperson Cem Özdemir has apparently made its way to Cizre and already begun to harass the people with its liberal blabber. After the first impressions, Özdemir commented on Facebook: “The weapons must remain silent. The place for a solution of the Kurdish Question is the Turkish parliament.” An elderly Kurdish woman from Cizre responded: “Sure, it’s been working so well until recently. The PKK should really just lay down their arms and trust the Turkish state…” An anonymous spokesperson of the Kurdish urban guerrilla organisation YDG-H added: “Er, sure, we invite Heval Cem to spent a night with us protecting our neighbourhoods. If he still thinks that we can just politely sit down over tea with the state… then there’s nothing more we can do to help him.” Özdemir is also known to have demanded that the Kurdish movement distance itself from the PKK – a statement whose meaning was incomprehensible to the Kurdish movement at large.

Turkish President Erdoğan commented on the events at a press conference where only select journalists known to be admirers of the President were allowed in: “Which one of them is there? The woman, what was her name? Claudia Roth, I think? Well, if it’s her, tell her that it is none of her business. If it’s Cem, well… He might be born in Germany and pretend to be German, but we all know he is a Turk. So he will be eventually tried as a traitor when I have control over all the Turks in the world, and all the so-called ‘non-Turkish’ Muslims as well, of course.”

A journalist, who might have wanted to ask a critical question (or perhaps not), was yanked away by security forces after he opened with “Mr.President, I would like…” because his tone reportedly implied a critical question. He is now on trial for “propaganda for a proscribed terrorist organisation.”

One of the leading cadres of the PKK, Mustafa Karasu, commented in his interview with Med-Nûçe TV. In the interview he declared that the PKK is ready to negotiate a cease-fire if the conditions are right. “That’s not new, though, we’ve been saying that forever. But look, the other side, Erdoğan, he does not want a cease-fire and he made that pretty clear. Now, about Cem Özdemir: Does he actually know what he is talking about? Clearly not. But whatever, weren’t they all in love with Erdoğan who was presumably democratising the country? Magician that he is, he democratised it straight into dictatorship. So, forget Özdemir, but remind him of his words the next time he encourages NATO to bomb a country into oblivion.”

David Harvey, recently detained on the ground of being mistaken for Karl Marx, had a proposition for the Turkish state: “Why don’t you besiege the city for a day of two while the Green Party delegation is there. The Kurdish people are tough enough to make it through that, they’ve made it through worse for decades now. But maybe the Green Party delegation will shut their mouths as a result.”

MLPD leader Stefan Engel was somewhat upset that Worker’s Spatula even engaged with these events. “You are covering the revolution! Why do you even care about these bourgeois hacks? But yeah, you’re right, Cizre might be suffering the next humanitarian catastrophe, so that needs to be covered. By the way, I had requested an enquiry as to whether or not the entire town wants to join ICOR – do you know if there are any developments in that regard?”