Marxists Returning to their Roots: Lao Tzu


KUALA LUMPUR – Following weeks of review of the situation on the ground, [REDACTED], the Worker’s Spatula cadre assigned to correspondence from and propaganda in Malaysia, has decided the best way forward is to form a reading group with various Marxist elements in Kuala Lumpur, including jaded former members of Sosialis Alternatif. Their task: To understand the CPM’s errors through the careful reading of foundational Marxist-Leninist texts, such as Capital, What Is to Be Done?, and the Tao Te Ching.

“天地不仁, 以萬物為芻狗: 聖人不仁, 以百姓為芻狗” Taoist priest Wang Ping-Kuei informed our correspondent, in a local temple.

“Uphold the correct line,” he responded, “uphold the correct line.”

“I think the Tao Te Ching is actually quite a good text, in spite of being so metaphysical” opined ex-Sosialis Alternatif member “Amir”. “There’s a lot of value in there about how the individual relates to the world around them, but it seems to put the individual before the world around them. As if the point of relation to the world is to be in harmony with it as an individual, rather than the point of individual action being to bring the world into harmony with people.

“You could say that what it needs is to be turned on its head.”

“I agree,” said Padma Rangarajan. “The emphasis on the transience of things is very good, since any true dialectical thinker should eschew fetishisation and understand things as part of a broader process.”

Response has been so positive that reading group member Cheng Chunhua has recommended other classical Chinese texts that she thinks could aid the group’s understanding of dialectical materialism, including the Zhuangzi, the Huainanzi, and the Analects of Confucius.

As of press time, [REDACTED] reports he has been expelled from the reading group he started for “adventurism”, on recommending Sun Tzu’s “the Art of War”.