Jesus: Judeo-Bolshevik?


BERLIN, QENDÎL – The latest article by the well-known US Christian-Maoist Cornel West calling for all his ‘brothers and sisters’ to ‘follow Jesus in fighting for the poor and downtrodden’ has provoked a repsonse by the respectable news outlet (in the US) and fascist propaganda front (by the standards of other countries) Breitbart News Network asking: “Was Jesus Secretly A Judeo-Bolshevik!?”

The Breitbart correspondant Guy Whitey Corngood writes “We alt-rightists reject the label ‘white supremacist’… A sort of visceral hatred of black people and immigrants is completely ignorant, and beneath us. We are more refined than that. We realise that the blacks and Mexicans are weapons used by the Cultural Marxist Jews in service of their planned white genocide*. We merely advocate self-defence against this.”

“When we see Jesus preaching, much in the style of the famed Jew Karl Marx, that black people ought to rise against the white race in the hateful and racist fashion typical of the Bolsheviki, we have to ask: Was Jesus a Jew?”

Response from the left was swift, as firing squads are swift. Cornel West responded in that typically Cornel West style by saying: “I hope my brothers and sisters at Breitbart, no matter how they feel about Jesus, will just… just shove it up their own assholes. I’m sorry, I’m done being nice to every hateful piece of shit that spouts some blatantly reactionary nonsense in my general vicinity. We can’t save ’em all. I’m selling my cloak and buying a sword for these Yankee Nazis.”

Meanwhile, in Qendîl, our editor-in-chief was deep in the finer points of historical-theological discussion with Murat Karayılan:

“Was Jesus a Jew? What is a Jew? A Jew is a Mesopotamian, in a sense. The Talmud is from Mesopotamia, as is the Gilgamesh flood myth. Abraham was a Mesopotamian, so why shouldn’t Jesus be too?”

“Sure, okay, but the actual point of the debate isn’t about…”

“In our understanding, Judaism, and all religions, including your faith, Shi’a Islam, and mine, Taoism, are just pre-modern yearnings for the ultimate truth of socialism.”

“So what you’re saying is…”

“Jesus was a Kurd.”

The German left scene, which has been embroiled in critiques and discussions of Christianity’s effect on social and political consciousness since the death of Hz. Hegel, and which is deeply invested in responding to Nazis for some reason, had a great deal to say on the subject of Jesus’s alleged Bolshevism:

“Jesus was certainly a Jew, and not a dirty German,” explained Stefan Engel, the most Stalinist member of der Frankfurter Schule. “But was he a Bolshevik? I would argue not. Despite Jesus’s many positive teachings, he nonetheless failed to grasp the role of imperialism: Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s? More like expropriate from Caesar that which Caesar expropriated from the colonised people of Judea!

“Jesus would read GegenStandpunkt.”

GegenStandpunkt has responded with almost the opposite critique of the Nazarene. It reads, in part:

Any discussion of bourgeois society which divides between so-called “fascist” and “democratic” trends is itself un-Marxist. Jesus, as a classic “democratic revolutionary” of the type lauded by Leninite deviationists, may have appealed to the emotions of the poor suffering under capitalism, but he did nothing to actively elevate popular understanding of capitalism as a system of exploitation per se.

When Jesus explains „Ein Reicher wird schwer ins Himmelreich kommen“**, there is nothing Marxist in this. Marx may have broken with the other Junghegelianer over the role of religious ideology in the bourgeois state, but he was very clear that it was not an emancipatory role as such. As for Jesus:

„Es ist leichter, daß ein Kamel durch ein Nadelöhr gehe, denn daß ein Reicher ins Reich Gottes komme. […] Jesus aber sah sie an und sprach zu ihnen: Bei den Menschen ist es unmöglich; aber bei Gott sind alle Dinge möglich.“**

Case closed, Leninites: Jesus was a reformist, an idealist, and a class collaborator.

*It is once again to be noted that “white genocide” is a euphamism for a trend of consensual miscegenation, but “advocating” it will nonetheless result in them doing you like they did George Ciccariello-Mahir-Çayan.

**Bible quotes left in their original German to avoid human misrepresentation of words in the holy tongue of Hz. Hegel.


TKP Name Contested Again, Zuckerberg Weighs In


İSTANBUL – Following over two years of increasing distance between the originally relatively amicable split in the revisionist organisation that was at the time simply referred to as the TKP (Communist Party of Turkey), tensions have flared up between KP (Communist Party, which would usually append “Turkey”, mostly to remind Kurds that they were the anti-Kurdish group formerly known as TKP, and not the tiny Kaypakkayacı outfit known as KP-İÖ) and the HTKP (People’s Communist Party of Turkey, known for having less people), following the latter’s announcement that they would be reclaiming the name TKP for themselves.

The former HTKP have legitimised their decision to declare themselves TKP without consulting KP by stating that the latter had been engaged in secret talks with the state regarding reclaiming the name. Knowing KP, who are constantly engaged in talks with the state about how to be as against Kurdish nationalism as possible, this is indeed likely. HTKP have backed up their decision by registering themselves with a far more legitimate source: Facebook.

Zuckerberg was ambushed for comment at a local Chinese restaurant where he was enjoying his Christmas dinner: “As a Brezhnevite myself, obviously I’m deeply concerned with these developments. It is Facebook’s official position that HTKP is now the legitimate Communist Party of Turkey. Erkan Baş is a dear comrade, and I will stand with him against any force on Earth. Now can I finish my 三杯雞?”

However, other forces have aligned behind the KP, with the TKH claiming that the HTKP’s move was “opportunist”, “infantile”, and “revisionist” [Editor’s note: ???].

Reaction from Dersim, the most communist place on Earth, however, may indicate that the KP is outnumbered. DHF-affiliated “TKP” mayor Maçoğlu tweeted a multi-part reaction which said: “When I was elected communist mayor of this municipality, there was a TKP whose name we were using, and that was fine at the time. But I had since gotten used to the TKP’s split meaning that it was obvious even to İzmir kids that I was some kind of Maoist. If they’re going to fight over who gets to be the TKP, and I have to choose a side, I guess I’ll go with Erkan Baş’s side, just because of our shared top quality moustaches, and because he’s the only nice person to affiliate with ‘TKP’ in decades.”

With Hüseyin Karabulut remaining silent as of press time, no neutral arbiter could be found within the Brezhenvite camp to resolve this conundrum, and multiple voices from the associated Turkish left merely contradict one another. Worker’s Spatula, the only objective news source covering the world revolutionary movement, could not let down our loyal readers without resolving the important question as who will be the heirs to the name associated with Mustafa Suphi. Our German correspondents got a hold of Stefan Engel, who was already extremely drunk on account of all the Christmas, but managed to slur out a German saying which we are to believe was intended as a kind of Nostradamic prophecy:

“Wenn zwei sich streiten freut sich der Dritte!”

The dialectic, which reveals itself through German expressions slurred out by a drunk Stefan Engel, has therefore revealed that TKP-1920 are to be the official heirs to Mustafa Suphi’s TKP legacy. HTKP is to join TÖPG and the KP is to rename itself Vatan Partisi (Marxist-Leninist).

Workers and oppressed peoples of the world – unite! And Merry Christmas!

Oscar Temaru Announces Candidacy for President of France


FA’A’Ā, FRENCH POLYNESIA – After months of meetings secrètes avec les représentants de l’ICOR et de la CIPOML (maoïste) organiséd par le staff éditorial du Travailleur’s Spatule, le candidat whom we all know that France both needs and deserves has annonced himself before le monde: Oscar Temaru will be seeking le office du Président de la République française, running sur une plate-forme de contrôles d’immigration reinforcéd sur les blancs.

Speaking before a crowd composéd principalement de communistes et d’autres leftistes too hard for the fucking Parti de Gauche, Temaru a expliquéd ses plans pour sa présidencé: «Depuis trop longtemps, our borders have been flooded with white trash, thinking that they can just come in and just localise themselves without consulting the will of the people, and it’s got to stop. Nous, les polynésiens, sommes des peuples raisonnables, and we tried, I personally tried as président de la Polynésie, de proposer des changements raisonnables à la loi qui permettrait à notre peuple de vivre dans le comfort, mais le système colonial imposéd par le métropole ne permet pas de changements réels de la part de peuples subjects comme le nôtre.»

«As Président de la République française, je défendrai l’intégrité culturelle de toute la France contre la tide de l’immigration non-contrôléd. I have no intention to discriminate against white people. Le problème avec le régime current est que les blancs sont accordéd une licence spéciale to behave however they like, with no regard for les normes culturelles polynésiennes. Tous les nouveaux immigrants blancs à la France et à l’un de ses départements et territoires d’overseas must démonstrer leur capacité d’assimilation à la culture polynésienne.»

“Just to clarify,” asked incoming MLPD chair Gabi Gärtner, sporting a multicoloured lei around her neck, “Your plan is to solve the colonisation of Polynesia and racism in France by imposing Polynesian culture on the French metropol?”

“Yes,” responded Temaru.

“An extremely dialectical and elegant solution!” gushed Gärtner, who led the MLPD delegation in two minutes of sustained applause.

OCML-PV cadres have résponded immédiatement à l’annonce avec une campagne de graffitis around Paris: «VOTEZ TEMARU!» lire les graffitis, «VOUS ÊTES EN POLYNÉSIE, PARLEZ LES LANGUES POLYNESIENNES!»

Pour leur part, le PCOF, le parti local affiliéd de la CIPOML (hoxhaïste), a rejectéd cette campagne polynésienne as «insuffisamment danque et edgée», proposing instead that the goal should instead be to marcher sur Rome en concert avec their «Carthaginian sister parties» (de Maroc et de Tunisie).

Back in Fa’a’ā, local millionaire Lucas de Chevron Villette reacted to the scene of communists marching about with pictures of Temaru, declaiming their intention to rid France of white culture, with shock:

«Je ne reconnais plus ma France, je pense sérieusement à voter pour Le Pen.»

«Je ne suis pas raciste, mais…»

Stefan Engel Disappointed at Nobel Prize Loss


STOCKHOLM – Spontaneous protests have broken out across Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and of course Luxembourg in response to Stefan Engel being robbed of the Nobel Prize for Literature in favour of some jingly-jangly sing-song man.

Yes, apparently it was awarded to a Yank who plays some sort of fat-necked bağlama. We don’t know either.

Stefan Engel himself responded thus when reached for comment: “I have read the lyrics of Bob Dylan, for a book I am writing on the many subliminal Trotskyite messages in US pop music. Won’t the Nobel Prize Committee’s faces be red when they hear that assorted Nordic Marxist-Leninists don’t approve of their taste in music!

“At any rate, if they’re going to consider such trash as literature, why have they not considered my magnum opus: Peru ­ die Lunte am Pulverfass Lateinamerika?”

For our part, the writers of Worker’s Spatula continue to be satisfied with our Nobel Prize from last year, for Marxist-Leninist Internet Satire, making us the first non-Swedes to win this coveted prize.



BERLIN – Visiting Worker’s Spatula correspondents were shocked to discover from local sources that Germany may have been the country responsible for World War II, and possibly the Nazi Holocaust.

An emergency meeting was called in which local German Worker’s Spatula correspondents were asked to defend themselves from the charges: “Well, technically contradictions of capital and imperialism caused World War II, but it is true that…”

“PURGED!” interrupted a US correspondent in attendance, leaping onto the table and gesturing with his fist quite Stalinistly. “You Germans are all purged from Worker’s Spatula for your families’ role in the Nazi Holocaust, a crime almost as great as the formation of the so-called ‘Fourth International’!”

“Now hold on a minute!” one of the Germans responded nervously. “You lot did Bush! And the English did Blair! The English invented Trotsky!”

“Yeah no we were out of the country at the time”, “In exile and that”, “I’m half Welsh or something”, responded the united Anglo front.

“We weren’t even born during WWII! Stefan Engel wasn’t even born!” responded another one of the perfidious Germans.

“You leave Stefan Engel out of this. He’s a Kurd now. He converted.”

“It’s true, I think all of ICOR has,” confirmed an English correspondent.

“But I’m in the MLPD! He’s in [REDACTED]! We’re in ICOR! So according to you, we’re Kurds now, so go after the other Germans!”

At press time, every German who Worker’s Spatula questioned on the street insisted that their family were “on holiday for the duration of Nazi rule”, and that they “probably have a Jewish ancestor”.

Open Letters from the Central Committee for Father’s Day


Several members of the Worker’s Spatula Central Committee recently discovered that the men they had known as their fathers were in fact sleeper agents for various socialist regimes. Obviously, this came as quite a shock, and three of them have elected to publicly express their feelings to their fathers as part of the healing process:

Dear Vati,

When I think back on my childhood, I always remember being a normal German boy with a normal German father and mother. But Mutti recently told me the truth about you. You are not [REDACTED], from Offenbach, but in fact a spy from the Lao People’s Democratic Republic!

In retrospect, maybe I should’ve seen the signs that I was adopted. When I really think about it, I don’t look so much like you or Mutti, who both do look a bit… un-German. Furthermore, every year at Pi Mai, when I would throw flour on the other children and scream “Sok di pi mai!”, they would always look at me as if there was something amiss.

I cannot say that I forgive this deception. I cannot say that I recognise in you or Mutti anything like “parents”. But I can say that I forgive Laos. Laos is not just my motherland now, but my actual mother. And Kaysone Phomvihane, my father.

I shall continue my important work in organising the German peasantry from my cover as a chicken-feed dealer.

Long live the MLPD,

Not all members were so crushed by the revelation that their parents were not quite who they seemed to be:


Dw i wedi dysgu’r gwir nawr. Wyt ti wedi bod yn gweithio fel bancwr llwyddiannus sydd â golygfeydd accelerationist, ond mewn gwirionedd, wyt ti a spy for the Republic of Cuba.

In fact, I’m somewhat relieved, because now I can tell you the truth about myself: Dw i ddim yn wir yn astudio Applied Sheep Sciences yn Cardiff University. Dw i’n mewn gwirionedd a correspondent for Worker’s Spatula.

Nawr dw i’n gwybod pwy wyt ti, a wyt ti’n dwybod pwy dw i. And we’re both fighting for the same thing: An independent, socialist, and bunker-filled Wales.

Dy ferch,

Finally, a letter from our northernmost Central Committee member:

Dear Pabbi,

I salute the many obstacles you overcame and struggles you engaged in in raising me to do the work of the socialist state of South Yemen under the cover of being a normal Icelandic family.

As the man I once believed to be my uncle mentioned during the debriefing at my coming-of-age, you had difficulty with the language and raised some initial suspicions with your choice of the surname Leninsson. However, the neighbours were eventually won around to your eccentric ways of cooking laufabrauð and your screams of “yalla!” at the lawnmower. After you gave your 3-hour presentation on the 1,100-year history of the family from Sven Leninsson on, you were just another quiet, ordinary Icelander.

But to me, and to the Central Committee of the Yemeni Socialist Party, you were much more than that. From your tireless work to combat North Yemeni influence across the country to the anti-imperialist leaflets you secretly distributed during the Cold War, you were always working for a socialist society. Even the end of the civil war and the beginning of a new one did nothing to halt your ardour.

To you, dad, and the coming revolution,

In addition, a fourth member of the Committee has been raised to be a suicide bomber for the Tamil Tigers, but we’ll let them know when it’s time.

Stefan Engel Invites Men Worker’s Spatula Staff to his Bavarian Dacha


BERLIN-PANKOW – What follows is the full text of an invitation received by Worker’s Spatula’s editor-in-chief, [REDACTED 1], from Stefan Engel, chair of the MLPD, chief coordinator of ICOR, greatest friend to the Kurdish national democratic revolution in all of Europe, and winner of the coveted “Largest Sausage” award from the Deutscher Fleischer-Verband:

Dear [REDACTED 1],

In recognition of your great services to ICOR and to the revolution, I, Stefan Engel, wish to personally extend an invitation to my dacha in Bavaria for a fun-filled weekend of drinking, barbecue, discussion of dialectics and the international situation, and swimming (no need to bring a cossie, we are Germans after all).

I hope this won’t be misunderstood, but could we just have the men comrades come down? It’s nothing against the women comrades, but I’m so busy with the women’s wing of the MLPD lately that I want a little “boys’ time”, if you know what I mean. We can have all Worker’s Spatula staff regardless of gender over to my Alpine ski resort in the winter, and we’ll call it even.

You can pick the weekend, I am free most of the summer, and I miss you lads so much since our romp in Tunisia in the winter.

Stefan Engel

Response from men Worker’s Spatula staff has been mostly positive, and a date is expected to be set soon. Additionally, [REDACTED 2], head of the photoshop division, has informed us that she is “so fucking jealous of you guys”.

Jürgen Habermas Leads Uprising of the Kurdish Masses Against the Turkish State


AMED/DIYARBEKIR – Worker’s Spatula has obtained exclusive footage from a huge mass rally against the blockade of Sûr, the historical central district of Amed (better known as Diyarbekir). This information could not be verified by our on-the-ground correspondents, who are all “on the other side of the barricades” (so to speak), providing us with exclusive information on the struggle of the Civil Defence Forces (YPS) in a prime example of embedded journalism. However, we are absolutely sure that the white-haired man in the front row of the picture provided above is guerrilla academic Jürgen Habermas.

This explains why Habermas, Germany’s (and in fact, all of Europe’s) foremost public intellectual, has not commented on anything related to Germany or the EU as of late. Given his obnoxious presence in all previous mainstream debates regarding central issues related to Germany and the EU, and the picture above (which we obtained from, we are forced to conclude that he has secretly joined the Kurdish Liberation Movement and is now seeking to cultivate a larger following by means of armed resistance and mass rallies.

Through our contacts in Turkey, both Kurdish and Albanian, we managed to gain permission to phone the imprisoned leader of the PKK, Abdullah Öcalan, on the island of İmralı to get his reaction to this shocking news. Öcalan, who was apparently engaged in a fierce Texas Hold ‘Em battle with the prison guards when we reached him, first spent several minutes trying to convince us of Urfa’s status as the cradle of human civilisation. After allowing him to finish his rant, which at some point deviated into a diatribe about the superiority of Urfa Kebab to Adana Kebab, we asked him about the Habermas situation.

“Well, I read him,” he informed us, “but there was nothing original in his critiques of Marxism or positivism, both of which are clear examples of plagiarism of my own theoretical output. Pay up, Ahmet. This hand is mine.”

MLPD leader Stefan Engel, main organiser of ICOR, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of Judah, Elect of God, the Light of the World, did respond to our text message enquiring as to his reaction on the matter. The first text consisted of nothing but “LOL 😂😂”. About four minutes later we received a second text stating: “Look, if there is one German who has won the right to lead the Kurdish masses and in fact the masses of oppressed around the globe, that is clearly Stefan Engel. Yes, correct, that is myself. Other than that, I appreciate Habermas’s growing radicalisation and, assuming he should give a public self-criticism for deviating from the line of the MLPD, we would potentially be open to considering him as a member of the ranks of the MLPD, maybe, why not.”

“PS: I nearly choked on my Currywurst when you texted me the news. Please warn me in the future, or I will revoke Worker’s Spatula’s ICOR funding.”

US Anarchists and Liberals Celebrate Murray Bookchin, Leader of the Kurdish People


NEW YORK – This weekend, at an anarchist collective in Queens known as “the Headquarters”, a free event commemorating Murray Bookchin will reportedly take place. The event is being organised in collaboration with various liberal and anarchist-dominated student groups throughout the tri-state area to express their admiration for the work of Bookchin and their solidarity with the Kurdish struggle which he sacrificed so much to lead.

A statement read:

“Who is Murray Bookchin? He was born to a modest Kurdish family in New York, the son of Russian Kurdish immigrants. Through his sheer love of freedom and force of will, he singlehandedly transformed his party, the PKK, and the entire Kurdish struggle from evil Stalinists to ecological-feminist anarchists. It was Bookchin’s brave efforts that brought the movement to the heights of revolutionary success it enjoys today, and it is safe to say that he is also the individual who did the most in the fight against ISIS. A real American hero, we invite you all to join us in celebrating the life of Murray Bookchin.”

Reactions from Kurdistan ranged from anger to astonishment. KCK co-chair Cemil Bayık sighed when confronted with the statement during an interview with Med-Nûçe TV. He slid forward on his traditional plastic chair and shook his head in despair. “I don’t know why I even bother giving all these interviews if Bookchin’s just going to get all the credit.” he lamented.

Meanwhile, in Wan, a Kurdish activist named Rojda spoke with our correspondent over qaçax çay: “Who? Bûkşîn? Who’s that?”

A spokesperson for the UK SWP responded to our correspondent’s request for a comment thus: “See, this is why you can’t trust the Kurds. They were all Stalinists, well, I mean, they’re still all Stalinists, but some kind of mad anarcho-Stalinists. Also, they’re objectively agents of US and Russian imperialism. They’re agents of Russian imperialism because they insist that ISIS, and not Assad, is the primary contradiction in Syria. Ridiculous. They’re agents of US imperialism because they have objectively done nothing to challenge US hegemony. If they were serious, they would read Tony Cliff and Callinicos, cut out all this business of leading the broad Kurdish masses and focus on polite and legal organisation of unionised industrial workers, and of course, declare the primary contradiction in Syria and Turkey to be Islamophobia. Maybe then they could earn our respect, and we might even consider them for IST membership. But in the meantime, I’m sorry, we just don’t take them seriously.”

Responses were also obtained from parties that haven’t lost the plot entirely. Our correspondent in Santiago de Chile enquired with local PC(AC) activists if there was a similar movement to commemorate Bookchin as a revolutionary leader whose work was now manifested in Rojava. “What? No.” snorted one young man with hippie-length hair. “Not that I like our anarchists, but I think they make them a special class of stupid in gringo countries.”

MLPD leader and standing German national weightlifting champion Stefan Engel send us a short message via WhatsApp stating: “ICOR is, as you know, organising solidarity brigades to Kobanê to assist in the reconstruction of the city. I will now propose a motion for sending intellectual solidarity brigades to the US to explain to the people there what’s going on in the world.” He concluded the message by adding 3 beer emojis, which presumably means that he was on or had just completed his third beer.

“All white males shooting at black people are actually Assata Shakur” Claims US State Department


WASHINGTON D.C.– Following news that the AKP government is acting like it has the cojones to fuck with Putin, a move clearly modelled off of years of US posturing vis-à-vis the PRC and North Korea, the US State Department will henceforth be modelling its crisis management style off of the AKP’s, it was announced.

“I think it’s pretty naïve to think that white supremacist males would actually shoot at black people in these United States,” said Jen Psaki, the 21-year-old born in 1978, as she clicked tasbih prayer beads beneath the podium at a press conference with regard to a recent shooting at Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis.

“We are all brothers in Christianity in this country, and racism is not a problem, thanks to our heroic leader Abraham Atamerican.”

“I think you will find that just like in Charleston, this was actually the work of the sole member of the BLA who is still at large, Assata Shakur. We condemn the Iranian regime for this. That will be all.”

The Turkish Foreign Ministry released a statement of solidarity with the US government. “Sounds legitimate. We’re glad the United States has begun to understand now how serious the threat of bölücü foreign-funded sünnetsiz terrorist örgütler from well-off minorities like the Kurds or Afro-Americans is. They attack their own people to gain public sympathy, which doesn’t worry us because they don’t have any public sympathy. But it’s still disgusting.”

“But just a correction, for Ms. Pseki, we know you can’t help make mistakes, what with your gender handicap and all, but we have men in Tahren investigating these incidents who speak FLUENT Arabic, and we can assure you that Iran, while obviously evil and suspiciously affectionate towards Ali, is not the real dark hand behind all the problems in our countries. It is definitely Assad, who is oppressing the democratic will of the Syrian people represented by ISIS and el-Qeade, who is behind the deaths of our Negro brothers in Islam, like Sendre Blend, as well as our Kurdish brothers in Islam, like Tehir Alçı, and our Armenian brothers in Islam, like Hrent Dink.”

An AKP-dialect Turkish to Actual Turkish to English translator was procured, at which point Jen Psaki was able to state that she agreed.

Ever on the avant-garde of providing insightful responses to current events, MLPD chair, ICOR organiser, and body double for Tarkan in several of his bellydancing-filled music videos, Stefan Engel, responded thus: “The bourgeois states can lie all they want about the murders they commit. In fact, I find it somewhat comforting. They’re ‘fighting ISIS’ while they’re ‘not shooting Tahir Elçi’. I’m just glad we can get back to talking about Kurds again. ICOR is the closest thing to a functioning international communist organisation which has taken a correct stance on the Kurdish nation, which is every day struggling for its liberation against all odds. We salute them and stand in solidarity with them.”

“No joke at the end this time. Support the Kurdish struggle.”