News in Brief: August 14th 2017


INDIANAPOLIS, USA – Local Punjabi immigrant and small business owner Gurpreet Singh installed a triple locking steel door in the place of his old wooden door on his house today. He stressed however that this did not constitute taking a side between fascists and anti-fascists: “Of course this door might protect me from a racist who wants to break into my house and kill me, but it could just as easily protect me from anarchists who want to break into my house and make me listen to hardcore punk music.”

JAPAN, LET’S JUST GO WITH JAPAN – Marxist Memes are to release a book of erotica aimed at their audience of real materialists, and not post-modern trans rights liberals, like yourself. Some brief selections follow:

She unbuttoned his shirt, and noted his proportionate muscle mass.

‘You’re quite a fine specimen of a man,’ she said. ‘You’re so much physically stronger than me, I think about it whenever I deal with sexism in any social context.’

‘I oppose sexism,’ he moaned, proving his Marxist feminism as he unbuttoned his pants.


He gazed on her vagina. He flicked it with his forefinger, looking up at her, and said, ‘This is a real vagina, not made by surgery. Materialism.’

She orgasmed instantly.


News in Brief: Eid Edition


İSTANBUL – Following the AKP’s traditional crackdown on LGBT groups in Turkey, Devrimci Parti have released their traditional Eid/Bayram/Cejn message, which includes the traditional condemnation of ÖDP as anti-Kurdish chauvinists.

TEHRAN – Communists across Iran are enjoying a relaxing Eid of reading uncritical defences of the Iranian regime by foreign Marxists whose ideology puts them at no personal risk, as it does in Iran.

JAFFA – Palestinian Muslims are transitioning from a Ramadan of being mocked by the Zionist media for fasting, to the rest of the year, where they are mocked by the Zionist media for everything else except fasting.

SARAJEVO – Svaki dan je Ramazan, i svaki drot je namazan. Svaki čovjek ima prazen džep: ovaj Balkan je ljudi stvoren za rep.

News in Brief: March 11th 2017


MANILA -Reports indicate that [REDACTED], a Worker’s Spatula correspondent formerly based in Malaysia and now based in the Philippines, is hosting his fucking normie brother, who is in town on a business trip.

At press time, the former’s ideology was almost revealed when the latter burst into his room unannounced. Although the CPP propaganda was quickly thrown under the bed, our comrade’s normie brother still requested to see it.

An initial attempt to quell interest failed when being told it was “just my porn” only piqued the normie brother’s interest. Our comrade then calculated that choosing this moment to come out of the closet would result in less family strife than the revelation of his communistic views, and the subject was quickly changed.

OMAHA, NEBRASKA – Caleb Maupin is reportedly touring county fairs in Nebraska and Iowa, attempting to convince the local white population that imitating China today is the path to social harmony and progress for the United States.

While he has been largely unsuccessful at converting others to his particular brand of “socialism”, the mission has not been without incident: a 23-year-old man driving an SUV responded to Maupin’s request to “learn about Deng Xiaoping” by saying “I don’t really like Chinese food”. Maupin later barely escaped a beating by a Trump supporter by informing the latter of his close ties with the Donald.

STEMBOL – As PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan’s isolation continues, sources in touch with his lawyer have become increasingly concerned that he may have been replaced by an “Ölacan” figure.

“I mean, my god, I have spoken to my good friend Abdullah Öcalan quite recently *sniff*,” explained Öcalan’s lawyer. “And, this is to say, as we used to say in Yugoslavia, you know, the thing is, he is writing a new book.”

The reported title of the book, apparently about the Imagined, the Symbolic, and the Real of Kurdistan, is “the Mirror Stage: Libidinal Dynamics of Anatolian Resistance”. Öcalan’s lawyer also shared with us the following “very dirty joke, but also, it is completely true and serious”: The cover of the book will be the famous painting from the İmralı cell, of a labia shaped approximately like the map of Kurdistan.

BRIGHTON, ENGLAND – Local teenage Marxist Frank Hobbes has elected to join the SPGB, making him the first young person to join the party in decades.

“I just wanted to be part of a party that understood that everything literally and immediately reduces to class, in the first and final instance, and no other discussion of theory or practice is helpful, or even interesting.”

Tragically, his best internet friend, Mark Anson, another teenage Marxist from Florida, is unable to find a local equivalent organisation in which to act out the part of the caricature of Marxism that anti-Marxist liberals believe the rest of us actually are.

Trump: “Worker’s Spatula Still Has My Back”


NEW YORK – Responding to repeated queries as to the significance of the loss of Putin’s support, “Republican candidate for president” Donald Trump said: “Nothing, nothing. I tell ya, I tell ya, I don’t care what they say, couldn’t care less. You grab ’em by the dick or the pussy or whatever and kick ’em out, who cares? There’s only one supporter I can’t afford to lose and that’s Worker’s Spatula. They’re gonna keep the commies with us, and that’s what matters.”

For our part, Worker’s Spatula continue to reassure the public that all Trump supporters are actually secret communist infiltrators of the Republican Party bent on sharpening the contradictions through the political strategy known as “accelerationism”, a strategy we endorse and may or may not be masterminding.

News In Brief: February 22nd 2016


İSTANBUL – It’s becoming increasingly apparent that bourgeois “leftist” Boğaziçi student and self-proclaimed “Trotskyist” Ayşegül Yılmaz does not actually know who Stalin and Trotsky were: “Stalin’s model was one of one-man dictatorship which was worse than capitalism, and he opposed democracies around the world,” said Yılmaz, espousing views closer to those of Kautsky than Trotsky and ascribing to the Marxist-Leninist leader views more akin to those of Blanqui than any of the above. “Trotsky understood you have to let the people make a revolution, whereas Stalin believed a small dictatorial clique could abolish capitalism for the people”. Her friend, Levent Öztürk, agreed: “The worst part about Stalin was that he was so power mad, he wanted to take over the world. He should’ve just built socialism in one country, like the Cubans.”

KUALA LUMPUR – Friends Amar bin Yusuf and Lim Yew finished watching the documentary “the Last Communist” by Amir Muhammad in the latter’s apartment. “Pretty cool,” commented bin Yusuf to Lim. “Too bad we can’t have anything like that in today’s Malaysia.” “Yeah,” agreed Lim. “Those days are over now…” he lamented, clicking away from the YouTube window, which contained a related video on Lenin’s “What Is To be Done?”.

OUAGADOUGOU – Parti communiste révolutionnaire voltaïque cadres continue to wonder why they aren’t more popular with the Burkinabe masses. “We don’t get it! We refused to work with Thomas Sankara in the past, and we refuse to change our name to reflect the current legal name of the country to this day,” complained party cadre Souleymane Bambara. “Why can’t the stupid people of the Upper Volta see that we are the real revolutionaries and anti-imperialists? After all, we’re the ones with relations to EMEP!”

NEW YORK – People are acting surprised that CPUSA is more in Hillary Clinton’s pocket than most registered Democrats at this point. I mean, it’s the CPUSA. The more interesting news is the RCPUSA, which is intervening in the Republican primaries to support Cruz against “Trumpite fascism”.

News in Brief: November 10th 2015


LISBON – Apparently the Portuguese Left has decided to remind the rest of Europe that Portugal exists. Most European leftists responded with shock when they learnt that Podemos was not involved in the as yet unanalysed Lusophone shenanigans. The dastardly Portuguese are up to something, but it is not clear what exactly. ICOR coordinator and known Iberophile Stefan Engel responded to the murky developments in the quasi-country, saying “It makes me wish we had a Portuguese ICOR affiliate, so we could ask them what was up. But we never thought to enquire into possible Portuguese affiliates, because they were all hiding down there, below Spain, where nobody ever looks.”

LONDON – The greatest Greek philosopher since Plato and the sexiest Greek since Alcibiades, Yanis Varoufakis, and the best Yugoslav Stalin-pretender since Tito, Slavoj Žižek, have announced their discussion-based eventoid “Europe is Kaputt. Long live Europe!”, in which they will discuss, nay, DECIDE the future of Europe. Inside sources hint that Žižek will agree with Varoufakis on some banal point before launching into a tangent, and, at another point, “quote someone with whom… [he disagrees] entirely”.

THE JUNGLES OF SOUTHERN THAILAND – In response to a Malaysian government proposal to mandate separate supermarket trolleys for Halal and non-Halal food products, ex-guerrillas of the Communist Party of Malaya called a press conference in a village near the border: “It didn’t start here, and it won’t end here. I think we all know where this is going. Your children are going to be growing up in a Malay-speaking version of Saudi Arabia. Don’t like it? Well, you had your chance, Malaysia. I bet a lot of you wish we had won now, huh? Well, now we don’t have any guns, and you’re stuck with your garbage state. We’re never coming home, so we don’t have to worry about any of that.” When our Worker’s Spatula correspondent in Thailand pointed out that Thailand was looking pretty hopeless itself, the once-upon-a-time rebels curtly informed all present that the conference was over.

SOMEWHERE IN GODDAMN ONTARIO – Jason Unruhe is now accusing people of “wrecking”. He has yet to respond to Worker’s Spatula’s e-mailed enquiry into how anyone can wreck the LLCO, an organisation which appears to consist only of himself and “Comrade Prairie Fire”. Hopefully nothing has come between the two of them, and the entire editorial and writing staff of Worker’s Spatula wishes them nothing but the best.

News in Brief: October 21st 2015


CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS – A group of Marxist Turkish students in Cambridge has welcomed its newest member, one Selim Karlıdağ, a high school friend of one of the other students. The post-doctoral student Karlıdağ, being of bourgeois family background and having completed his PhD studies in England, made a grievous faux pas the first day by saying something non-hostile about Leon Trotsky. At present, all of his statements are being rigorously analysed for signs that he might be a Trotskyist, in case deprogramming measures need to be employed.

PODGORICA, MONTENEGRO – Local sympathisers of ICOR affiliate Partija Rada attended a protest organised by Demokratski front, a right-wing party which advocates union with Serbia. On the one hand, their total opposition to the Montenegrin government prevented them from staging a counter-protest, but on the other, their unequivocal Marxist-Leninist stance prevented them from joining the protest per se. It was therefore decided that they would attend under the slogan “Neither NATO nor Belgrade, but socialism in Montenegro!” and engage in public self-flagellation.

MOUNT KUMGANG, THE ONE TRUE KOREA – Korean families physically divided for decades came together for tearful reunions at the mountain resort of Mount Kumgang this week, only to tragically find themselves divided on ideological lines as the Koreans from the north found that their southern relatives had been reading up on communist ideology prior to the visit, and had become Hoxhaites. South Korean citizen Park Areum spent approximately an hour trying to convince her long-lost cousin Park Chol Kun of the “revisionist” quality of Juche ideology, and the need to return to “correct, principled Marxist-Leninist positions,” to no avail. Future reunion meetings have been postponed until such a time as a communist party can be formed in South Korea which may send delegates to the north to bridge the theoretical gap.

TEL AVIV – Israeli Prime Minister and unconvicted mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu decided to cover all his bases in his efforts to demonise the Palestinians and stated that every single one of Stalin’s policies were actually fed to him by the true leader of the Soviet Union: Palestinian Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini. Said Netanyahu: “If you look at Palestine before the Jews arrived, it was basically the Soviet Union. Rapid industrialisation, the slogan of socialism in one country, the plan to establish the DDR, these were all the Grand Mufti’s ideas long before Stalin got them.”

BIRMINGHAM – Last night, Birmingham City University students and CPGB-ML members Lennox Harris and Catherine Campbell engaged in sexual congress in the latter’s dormitory room. As Harris began to worry about climaxing too quickly, he distracted himself by thinking about dialectics, only to be foiled when he remembered that quantitative change leads to qualitative change.

News in Brief: October 1st 2015


DAMASCUS – The “Free Syrian Army” is still a powerful, unified, independent, secular, democratic revolutionary institution that all Marxists should support, “or else they are agents of Putin”, stated a press release by People’s Liberation Faction, a three-person Trotskyist sect embedded deep within the fighting whose only contact with the outside world appears to be Swiss blogger Joseph Daher. “The Kurds need to stop acting like the Arab forces on the ground are divided between Assad and jihadists, because that’s not fair to all the progressive forces who are going to crush the Nusra Front any day now, just watch.”

CHICAGO – A fierce fight has broken out in a “revolutionary” undergraduate student union about whether or not “we need dialectics”. A well-informed English major insisted it was “mysticism” and that there was “no point” in reading Hegel or Engels on dialectics, as if they themselves had ever attempted to do so.

LONDON – The CPGB-ML continues to insist it is truly revolutionary and the proletariat should not be fooled by Jeremy Corbyn, in spite of the fact that there is no difference between the minimal programmes of Harpal Brar and Jeremy Corbyn. “But we look scarier!” explained a Stalin Society spokesperson in a brief telephone interview with Worker’s Spatula.

HAVANA – Peace talks between the Colombian state and FARC rebels appear to be reaching their conclusion, with FARC agreeing to hand in all their guns in exchange for land reform, amnesty, legal political participation, and “control of Colombia’s legal drug trade.”

LOS ANGELES – At a secret meeting in the Hollywood Hills, representatives of Worker’s Spatula and the Spartacist League met to discuss “the Trot situation”. In spite of disagreement on Trotsky himself, all representatives agreed that 21st century Trotskyism was moving further and further away from its Bolshevik and Leninist roots, descending deeper and deeper into Second Internationalist thinking, exemplified by such ideological abortions as Solidarity. At press time, a Worker’s Spatula representative slid a revolver across the table to her Spartacist League counterpart, saying: “I think we all know what has to be done.”

News in Brief: September 21st 2015


BERLIN – Die Linke has released a press statement explaining their longstanding support for the German bourgeoisie as an internationalist tactical line. “As Lenin teaches us, there are inter-imperialist contradictions, and we’re trying to maintain the strength of the German bourgeoisie as a bulwark against the UK, the US, Russia, etc., giving our comrades around the world more imperialist powers between which to navigate.” CPUSA is expected to release a comparable statement in the coming days.

LOS ANGELES – At a “Red Guards” meeting of the Maoist NCP-LC earlier this week, a member is reported to have said that Cambodian leader Pol Pot was “probably the best Maoist who ever lived,” resulting in his being taken out back and thoroughly beaten. This follows news of an inter-NCP-LC beating in the Bronx where a new comrade reportedly defended Ho Chi Minh over Mao Zedong. No word from NCP-LC as yet on whether or not a defence of Lin Biao is beating-worthy, but analysts advise against it, on the grounds that “that’s the LLCO’s guy.”

OTTAWA – The NDP announced their “critical support” for all leftist organisations in Canada offering the NDP critical support. Analysts almost universally agreed that the RCP-PCR, CPC-PCC, and CPC(ML) had made a huge mistake by not backing the NDP the way that the Canadian IST affiliate International Socialists did, as the latter will surely now be able to build a worker’s state out of Canada and “the Stalinists” will be left far behind.

PARIS – In a heated confrontation at a demonstration yesterday, members of the PCOF nearly came to blows with members of the sole ICU organisation Lutte Ouvrière after the latter refused to apologise to the Hoxhaite party for Trotsky’s betrayal of Stalin. The PCOF has stated that it “firmly believes all the bad blood can be put behind us if only the Trotskyites would confess to and apologise for their crimes.”

LONDON – David Cameron fucked a pig, apparently.

News in Brief: September 14th 2015

CİZRE, TURKISH KURDISTAN – Masses of local people emerged defiant from an eight-day siege of the town by the Turkish State to greet Selahattin Demirtaş. The massive crowd reportedly dwarfed the number of members of Trotskyist organisations around the world. At press time, Stefan Engel was spotted in a Kurdish neighbourhood in Berlin asking if anyone from Cizre could contact their relatives to enquire if the entire town would like to join ICOR.

NEW YORK – US rapper and unquestionable trend-setter Prodigy has announced a new album which will be titled “the Hegelian Dialectic”. Inside sources at the record company report that it is “very undialectical.”

MANILA – A group of Dutch Trotskyists, including Alex de Jong, are being wined and dined by a tiny Trotskyist sect affiliated with the reunified Fourth International, at which they are reportedly discussing the irrelevance of the CPP-NPA.

LONDON – A debate about women’s issues jointly organised by several Marxist organisations at SOAS reportedly ground to a halt as someone in attendance thought it would be a good idea to quote Shulamith Firestone. After a sharp sucking of air through the teeth by approximately half in attendance, everyone was silent for about 45 seconds before the subject was awkwardly changed.

JOHANNESBURG – Julius Malema has roundhouse kicked a Worker’s Spatula correspondent in Johannesburg for asking him questions about his personal lifestyle and finances. The reporter was quoted as saying “He’s still probably the best we can ask for in South Africa at present.”

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA – DeLeonism apparently still a thing.