Stefan Engel Disappointed at Nobel Prize Loss


STOCKHOLM – Spontaneous protests have broken out across Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and of course Luxembourg in response to Stefan Engel being robbed of the Nobel Prize for Literature in favour of some jingly-jangly sing-song man.

Yes, apparently it was awarded to a Yank who plays some sort of fat-necked bağlama. We don’t know either.

Stefan Engel himself responded thus when reached for comment: “I have read the lyrics of Bob Dylan, for a book I am writing on the many subliminal Trotskyite messages in US pop music. Won’t the Nobel Prize Committee’s faces be red when they hear that assorted Nordic Marxist-Leninists don’t approve of their taste in music!

“At any rate, if they’re going to consider such trash as literature, why have they not considered my magnum opus: Peru ­ die Lunte am Pulverfass Lateinamerika?”

For our part, the writers of Worker’s Spatula continue to be satisfied with our Nobel Prize from last year, for Marxist-Leninist Internet Satire, making us the first non-Swedes to win this coveted prize.