Today in Yesterday: The History of September 11th


BOSTON – It is the common belief of much on the US left that September 11th was invented in 2001 by George W. Bush, as an alibi following his successful piloting of a Boeing 767 into the World Trade Centre. Much of the US left took notice of the renegade day for the first time, and concocted an elaborate conspiracy theory about the US government having done 9/11 once before, in 1973, in Chile. The existence of a country west of Argentina, unlike George W. Bush’s indisputable role in the World Trade Centre attack, remains deeply controversial even among Worker’s Spatula’s finest dialecticians.

However, it may surprise readers to learn that September 11th has indeed existed for many, possibly as many as 100 years. And while many so-called “revolutionaries” in the United States will waste this precious day again this year, discussing Patagonian politics with their uncle who merely wanted to explain that jet fuel can’t melt steel beams, there is one organisation in the United States which is talking about the REAL September 11th. “John Brown”, of the clandestine “CPUSA (Provisional)”, offers his recollections:

On September 11th, 1961, NATLFED, with the help of the CPUSA (Provisional) and the Sandinista National Liberation Front, achieved victory in a grassroots campaign for past due payment of non-unionised construction workers in the Boston area. One of those construction workers went on to join the CPUSA (Provisional), and he continues to organise the unorganised in the Boston area to this day.

This is the September 11th the state doesn’t want you to know about, man. It’s the story of everyday working people, coming together thanks to the tireless work of NATLFED volunteers, and building up a clandestine network that WILL one day topple the US state and bring about socialism. In Cuba they talk about it all the time, but the media doesn’t want you to know that. I personally am friends with Fidel, and he tells me that as long as the CPUSA (Provisional) keeps up its work, then one brave September 11th, US imperialism will be toppled from within.

Sure, other communist organisations may tell you they’re into some edgy underground shit, or have some cool foreign connections. But while the RCPUSA and the ISO and the ROL prattle on about Allende, only the CPUSA (Provisional) was involved in a secret meeting with Allende prior to his death in which he donated 100 crates of Heinz Baked Beans to a CPUSA (Provisional) food drive.

So next time you talk to some fake communist who thinks they know about revolution, ask them where they were on September 11th, 1961. I can tell you where I was: On the moon, dropping acid with Schafik Handal.