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What is Worker’s Spatula worth to you? Put more concretely, how many hours of the sweat and tears capitalism robs from you would you say Worker’s Spatula pays you back in consciousness and/or chuckles over the course of a month?

You can pay Worker’s Spatula that money back, in the form of a monthly contribution through our Patreon. You can be the 21st century Engels to Marx, if Marx were a satire page run by members of Turkish and Kurdish organisations in their free time.

Your donation may go to a project that we support, or, if we get enough, we may be able to use it as resources to quantitatively or qualitatively improve Worker’s Spatula.

At each level of monthly donation, you will get progressively more back:

For one dollar a month, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve given us as much as you’d give to some tiny organisation that only publishes one paper a month.

For five dollars a month, you can order a Humourless Marxist Review from us. As this is our most popular feature, we thought we owed it to our more loyal readers to review the art that matters to them. We’ll also work your name, a comrade’s name, or an organisation’s name into a piece.

As the amount of your donation goes up, things get progressively more punk rock. We hope to add more rewards going forward, and if we add something after you’ve already committed to an equivalent monthly donation, just get in touch with us and we’ll do what we can to make sure you get your fair share of the Spatula!

By all means, contact us at mastursublator [at] to discuss any of this with us. We are nothing if not reasonable Stalinist individuals.

Or you can just continue to read us for free. But in that case, we cannot promise that the fascists won’t win.