Our Martyrs


On the 16th of August, 2015, Worker’s Spatula revealed ourselves to the world, and we have quickly established ourselves as the premiere source of news on the world revolutionary movement. During this period we have intervened in politics around the world and achieved many great successes, but we have also had to make great sacrifices.

Sacrifice is a part of life we all accept when we become revolutionaries. Below are some of our martyrs, who made the ultimate sacrifice and laid down their very lives for our collective liberation. They will never be forgotten; they live on in our struggle:


Comrade Tombili was a well-respected and non-sectarian Turkish revolutionary who worked with all principled organisations in the struggle for liberation of the poor and oppressed. In this capacity, he took a vanguard role in the formation of Worker’s Spatula, for which he regularly contributed his expertise and opinions.

Comrade Tombili was an extremely advanced Marxist-Leninist whose theoretical line was as sharp as his claws. He tolerated neither revisionism nor ultra-left deviation, and ceaselessly contributed to unity projects in the struggle for the national democratic revolution in Turkey and Kurdistan.

His untimely death on the 1st of August, 2016 from a mysterious disease was almost certainly the result of poisoning by agents of the fascist Turkish state. His last words, spoken to his closest comrades from his hospital bed in Kadıköy, were: “DON’T MOURN, ORGANISE!”

ida On the 24th of November, 2016, Ida Sabo, famed woman anti-fascist partisan and Hero of Socialist Labour in Yugoslavia, breathed her last breath. Few people know this, but with the breakup of Yugoslavia, she became disillusioned with the nationality policy of the Titoites. Through contacts made during her regular participation in the Conference of Communist and Workers’ Parties of the Balkans, she came to embrace the line of the Albanian Party of Labour, where she took part in the discussions with Turkish, Kurdish, and international comrades that led to the creation of Worker’s Spatula.

It was Ida Sabo‘s fondest dream that before she died, Worker’s Spatula should be considered the premiere source of Marxist-Leninist satirical news in the world. We believe that upon her passing into eternity, we had accomplished this dream of hers.

Her last words were: “DON’T MOURN, ORGANISE!”


On the 4th of April, 2018, Subcomandante Spatule, heroic fighter against Liechtensteiner imperialism and fascism, fell martyr during the guerrilla struggle in the hills of Liechtenstein. He and two other guerrillas of the Worker’s Spatula Anti-Liechtenstein People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army-Front (Party Organising Unit Committee) were on patrol when they were ambushed by Liechtensteiner police. Not wanting to be captured by the fascist police, Subcomandante Spatule and his two comrades fled the scene firing their guns wildly into the air, hoping to hit one of the Liechtensteiners as they spread their bat-like wings to take flight. Unfortunately, the reactionary forces of Liechtensteiner gravity intervened and brought one of these bullets down to Subcomandante Spatule’s head.

Unable to bury his body, his two guerrilla comrades fled the scene and escaped across the border into Austria. Upon reaching Vienna, they alerted the rest of the Worker’s Spatula family of what had happened, and presented us with the new password to this WordPress (which Subcomandante Spatule had been briefly administering on his own from the front prior to his martyrdom), along with this letter:

Dear Spatular comrades,

How I hope that this is being read after my fall in the final conflict with the Liechtensteiner enemy, in socialism advancing rapidly to communism. How I wish that this letter is a relic of the dark days before the final victory!

But even if it is not, do not lose the hope, my comrades! We will be fighting them to the end, all together! I know that where my gun has fallen, ten thousand more will pick up soon the fight!

All of this will be worth it, if Liechtenstein only should fall!

Victory in death! Liechtenstein will be destroyed! The Worker’s Spatula Anti-Liechtenstein People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army-Front (Party Organising Unit Committee) will forever last!
–Comrade Subcomandante Spatule


Following the reading of this letter aloud before the assembled Spatular comrades, the representatives of the Worker’s Spatula Anti-Liechtenstein People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army-Front (Party Organising Unit Committee) promptly presented their self-criticism of having confronted Liechtenstein “qualitatively too directly with quantitatively too few fighters”, and that consequently they would be dissolving their organisation immediately and returning to the fold of the original Worker’s Spatula. They continue the campaign of sabotage within the broader anti-Liechtenstein guerrilla movement and work for the construction of a pan-Alpine guerrilla movement to this day.