“Worker’s Spatula is obviously a brosocialist edge lord anti-PPW crapshoot. But they do share public summations of mass work on facebook (where the masses are at) so what do people think about their anti-revisionist line? Is it revisionism by another name?”
Blake Johnston

“Typical facist propaganda”
-an anonymous anarchist

“a liar website. That is all i can say.”

“This humo[u]r is a little bit too abstract for me, [to be honest].”

“so unfunny” “somewhat racist”
-Carlos A. Rivera-Jones

“trash […] Congrats to shiny theoretical understanding!”
Ozan Botan, of the so-called “Communist Party”, Turkey (KP).

“Fake article[s] from […] hack blogger[s].”
-“Glitchford Von Glitchington”

“like the Onion but instead of fake news it’s fake humor”
Donald Trump

“disgusting disinformation site!! […] lies and propaganda!!”

“funny approximately once”
Joseph Tomaras

“I don’t know what it is and I didn’t like it. Just like tiramisu.”
Andrew Falkous

I’ve read some stupid shit in my time but fuck me does that take the biscuit. Trots.”

“This page is awful but it’s the first time a commie has ever made me chuckle, so credit where credit is due”
Jeremiah Rufini

“sehr gemein und zum teil auch unfair – und überhaupt so englisch.”

“neither funny nor politically insightful”
Louis Proyect