Worker’s Spatula want YOU to buy their t-shirts. All profits from the t-shirts will go to furthering specific Marxist-Leninist causes, and therefore it is unethical to not purchase at least one.

All t-shirts are produced by our hated enemies, the anarchists, and more specifically Sabcat.com, who have agreed to help us in a brazen attempt to make us reconsider our commitment to dialectics, which we assure the reader remains unshaken.

Flagship Worker’s Spatula t-shirt

This t-shirt is as red as your heart and the flag you have hanging above your bed, and features our logo, name, and slogan (“Honest, fair, dialectical.”) on it.

All profits from this t-shirt are going a group of Turkish and Kurdish socialists, who are involved with reconstruction for Kobanê and support for the families of martyrs lost in the struggle against fascism.